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What is it like to work as a programmer: from junior developer's point of view

Kasia is a PhD in humanities. She loves good literature, beautiful typography and Ruby frameworks. She works as a junior developer in BMS team in Anixe.We asked her about the main challenges she is facing at the moment.

What is it like to work as a programmer: from senior developer's point of view

Michał (called “Mike”) has been working at ANIXE for over 12 years, has already led several dev teams and developed several major products. He is the “guardian” of the company’s Technology Radar – he tracks, develops and analyzes technological trends throughout the ANIXE. We asked him today about his work and passion for programming.

ANIXE’s summer integration trip

Here at ANIXE when we hear about the integration trip, we think - Boszkowo. However, the tradition doesn’t have to be predictable... Each year new people join ANIXE team and every trip is getting more exciting.

New Supplier Integrations and Hotel Chains at ANIXE

Each year ANIXE extends the reach and distribution of the Resfinity Hotel platform, providing its suppliers with more bookings and new source markets. We are happy to welcome new partners to the Resfinity.

Summer event at ANIXE

In the middle of the summer we decided to meet together in the heart of ANIXE’s office and celebrate our success and enjoy holiday atmosphere.

ANIXE welcome new partners to the Resfinity family

We’ve been very busy at ANIXE building new connections and developing innovative products, bringing us closer to our ultimate vision of a seamless travel world. In the first half of 2017, we have integrated 3 new suppliers, 2 major hotel chains, 2 major tour operating platforms, one channel manager and 5 new clients.

Technocracy 2017 #3

A great treat for all technology and software development fans are Anixe’s cyclic internal meetings called ‘Anixe Technocracy’.

IT is beautiful

On International Women’s Day we celebrate women working on amazing IT stuff at Anixe.

ANIXE’s winter integration trip

We are not only about the work. Once the winter season begins ANIXE’s team waits patiently for our winter integration trip.

And the Travel Weekly Magellan Award goes to…ANIXE!

In recognition of our Booking Interface for TAP Portugal and Gulf Air, ANIXE has received a gorgeous silver statuette. Not to mention, that it’s made by the same company that produces the Oscar® and Emmy® awards.
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