20 APR 2021

AMEinfo has presented a complete look at airport digitisation in the GCC and globally, and we’re proud that ANIXE’s solutions are included as a solid part of that picture. is the Middle East's leading business website for regional news and information.

The change is all around us, particularly in the travel sector - our niche for over two decades. Unfortunately, due to ongoing restrictions, health passports, and fear, people aren’t travelling as much as they used to pre-pandemic. The return to “normal” commercial aviation levels will be complicated; however, as ANIXE, we believe that waiting it out is the worst approach to the current situation.

On the contrary, now is the time to adapt and grow, as automation will become key to airlines' and airports' survival in the upcoming years. And we're not the only ones who think so.

Gulf Air, Bahrain’s national carrier, is the perfect example of turning crisis management into a growth opportunity. When the first global lockdown hit in March 2020, both companies worked hard to enhance Gulf Air’s online booking engine by implementing new digital modules and improvements. The final result is impressive and was selected by SKIFT as one of the top 5 most important travel innovations in the Middle East born out of the pandemic!

We believe that proper technology can prepare the travel industry for the “new norm”, the current and ongoing post-Covid world. Furthermore, tech investments can become budget savers in the long run as modernisation and automation continue to reduce staffing costs.

Make sure you and your company are ready when the market wakes up! Because as Darwin said, “It’s not the strongest nor the most intelligent that survives, but rather the one who’s the most adaptable to change”.

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