TripX integrates with Resfinity to bring the best travel industry suppliers to its customers.
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Katarzyna Kastelli-Drzewiecka | Mrketing Manager
12 JUL 2016

__ANIXE expands into Nordic market with new partner TripX __

Wroclaw, Poland – 12 July 2016: Swedish travel company TripX is establishing a solid market presence. Presenting extensive travel industry knowledge and a modern, forward thinking vision is what makes this company different. Managed by Morten Husby, a travel industry veteran, TripX intends to continue to grow its market share in the region. Since partnering up with travel tech provider ANIXE TripX reports an increase of 60% on monthly sales, and a positive booking trend where every week produces around 10% more bookings than the week before. Top destinations being booked are Barcelona, Majorca and Malta for the 2016 summer season.

TripX’s product focus for the coming touristic year will still be on key destinations like the Spanish mainland that have returned strong in the Nordic market. The travel company also intends to widen its product range to more long haul destinations like Thailand and the US, with plans to expand into the city break market, which reflects the travel market’s demand in the region. Using ANIXE’s Resfinity Platform TripX will grow its supplier hub to encompass the specific product it aims to deliver to its clients.

Also worth mentioning is the strategic alliance between both companies where ANIXE has given TripX conditional exclusivity for its services in the Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish markets. This places TripX at a clear advantage and presents a competitive lead in the market, as well as provides firm ground for planned, continuous growth.

As quoted by Morten Husby – TripX CEO:

We are very satisfied with the integration to the ANIXE platform, that was chosen after a long research of future technology in the business. The whole process, together with the professional team and its leadership in ANIXE, was done in record time. And not to forget, the relationship behind this strong partnership is also a strong one built on trust, care and ethics, and this will continue to give both companies a clear, strong momentum in the years to come.

As quoted by Piotr Zolnierek – CTO ANIXE:

We welcome Tripx’s trust in our newest technology built specifically for modern tour operating. Our close partnership proves, that the effort put into innovation is the right way forward to providing cost-effective solutions for today’s turbulent travel environment.

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