27 SEP 2019

ANIXE means great people and big development

“At ANIXE, I’m someone with a name and personality”- said Alberto, who came to Poland from Spain. He loves fast cars, plays the drums in his free time and works at ANIXE as a Front-end Developer.

- What does a Front-end Developer do at ANIXE?

Everything the end-user sees and clicks is my job. This process starts when I receive a mockup of an application. For those who don't know, the mockup is a realistic representation of what the app will eventually look like. After receiving it, I implement the code to make the graphic elements, which has already been prepared by the UX Designer, interactive for a user in real life. Of course, it is much more complicated than it sounds.

- You seem to like your job. What do you like the most about it?

It is very challenging. I work on different projects that differ in many ways from one another. There are a million things to improve. It is difficult, but also it develops and improves my skills. I also feel that I am doing something important here, and my work is appreciated.

- People often say that developers are introverts who work alone. What do you think about this view?

Creating and developing code is not individual work; it is real teamwork! After I finish my system, I have to split it into different merge requests, and another team member checks its quality. If it does not adapt to the standards, or it is not optimized or impacts other components, I will modify this code until it is acceptable. When it's finished, it goes for acceptance and production, and then it is ready for end users.

- You worked for a big corporation, how does ANIXE differ?

Here at ANIXE, you have very close connections with people, and everyone treats you kindly. I can talk directly with a Product Owner and a UX Designer. I don't need to escalate my problems step by step. I can go straight to the person from whom I need help. I can message them on Slack and get the answer. It is all more human. In a corporation, there is nothing like individual treatment, and you are part of the big machine with no names and no needs. At ANIXE, I am someone with a name and personality. That's why I prefer to work in a smaller company, where you know everybody.

Besides that, for me, ANIXE means great people. Everyone helps each other, and this is amazing. You are never left alone with your problem.

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