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Katarzyna Kastelli-Drzewiecka | Marketing Manager
10 SEP 2018

ANIXE signs license agreement for GIATA’s MultiCodes

GIATA, the world’s largest hotel database, announced a strategic cooperation with ANIXE, the travel technology company providing global accommodation offers from more than 50 suppliers worldwide, including bedbanks, consolidators, DMCs, chains and channel managers.

With licensing MultiCodes, ANIXE gains access to over 330,000 hotel descriptions in 24 languages, including hotel facts, amenities, and pictures. The indispensable aspect of the deduplication process is the identification of key information updates for hotels, especially when dealing with large hotel portfolios and in collaboration with multiple sources.

GIATA MultiCodes currently stands as the World’s largest mapping database. As an advanced hotel matching service, the GIATA API ensures a unique identification and matching process and a simplified, well-structured maintenance of hotel master data. The 788,000 a staggering 793,000 manually researched geocodes. GIATA recently announced that MultiCodes has reached an accuracy level of over 99.999% for their properties: 50,000 vacation rental properties, 54M supplier codes, 330,000 manually researched geocodes, 460,000 hotels with star ratings and 88,000 hotel chain affiliations.

We have been working with ANIXE for years now, and it is a great company to partner with. ANIXE’s faith in strong partnerships and their exceptional customer service, combined with inspired technology, have had a particularly positive influence on our cooperation. By implementing MultiCodes they achieve a 99.99% accurate database through hotel mappings, which will help them to reduce costs, increase productivity and build revenues

– says Kalina Nikolova, Head of Sales at GIATA GmbH.

We believe that finding and booking travel should be easier and more personal for end customers

– said Karolina Polak, Director of Operations at ANIXE.

Our mission is to enable travel companies to grow digitally and we have been doing it for over 20 years. At ANIXE we bring online travel to a higher level of efficiency, by translating solid business logic to technological solutions throughout the business cycle. We are taking the headache out of online travel booking and providing travel companies with powerful, high-performance, worry-free solutions – and the partnership with GIATA is a major step in this direction

– adds Polak.

GIATA’s mapping and deduplication service allows ANIXE to deliver an efficient solution and completely eradicates seasonal manual mapping, mismatched hotels, and errors that result in money lost for the client.

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