Fast cache data solution for travel industry - ACLR8
25 OCT 2022

Bedbanks, are you ready to ACLR8 into the big leagues?

You must work with the biggest OTAs to make the most sales as a hotel supplier. However, the sheer volume and frequency of search requests from giant OTAs would instantly crash most hotel suppliers' systems.

The game seems rigged. Your only choices are either heavily investing in pricey infrastructure upgrades to handle all that traffic or not playing at all. Well, here at ANIXE, we don't think that's fair. Our mission of growing digital travel means helping the little guy tear down barriers to entry. Competition is good for everyone in the industry, and we can make you competitive!

We do this with ACLR8. It's a crucial tool for any hotel supplier who wants to sell to the biggest OTAs. You won't need to invest in any infrastructure upgrades. We’ll integrate your API and take care of the rest.

Well, that sounds great. But how does it work?

ACLR8 works with cache data. So, at the start of any given day, we take a data snapshot of your inventory, prices and availability. We do this by scraping your API with a scheduler. We store this 'cached data' in our ultra-modern systems. Our systems are connected to some of the world's largest online travel retailers and are designed to handle hundreds of thousands of requests per minute. All this means is that you can send your offers to the world's leading OTAs without investing in a new system capable of handling all of their traffic. It's a win-win.

So, this is your ticket to the big leagues. And don't worry about scalability once you get there. ACLR8 is 100% scalable and will match your traffic load needs. It can handle an unlimited amount of requests while maintaining sub-second response times.

Sub-second response times from suppliers are what OTAs need. They know that the faster search results appear to their customers, the more sales they will make. It is so important, in fact, that they are willing to sacrifice a little price and availability accuracy to achieve speedier results. How do we know?

We work with them.

Being able to work with the biggest players in the market is what is going to drive your future growth. And if your current operations can’t handle it, you're simply not playing.

So, if you are ready to leap out of the pond and into the ocean, ACLR8 will help you to catch some REALLY big fish.

If you would like more information about ACLR8 and any other of ANIXE's services, don't hesitate to get in touch with our experts. .

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