05 AUG 2022

BHEELS – the secret of long-term cooperation

The team spirit is inseparable element of ANIXE culture. We like to work with each other, learn from each other and spend time working together. One band that takes enjoyment in working together is BHEELS, which has been operating with the same members for years.

What are secret ingredients of their teamwork spirit? The answer you will find below.

Leszek - Senior Software Engineer and Team Leader

What motivates you to work?

People at first place. I work with experienced specialists who are professional and efficient at what they do. Working with such people motivates to improve skills and allows to learn from them. Secondly, the heels project itself. Even though I have been working with it for many years, it still surprises me. The product is constantly developing; now and then, there are new improvements, thanks to which you can’t get bored.

Because I know the product well, I have many opportunities to experiment with solutions. It makes me develop every day, so I don't feel stagnant even.

What is unique about your Bheels project?

Our team is distinguished by high stability. We have worked in almost the same composition for years. That is why our team is so integrated. When it comes to working, we understand each other perfectly. We also have many routines inside the Bheels team, such as playing

FIVA or having lunch every time when we see each other at the office (we work in hybrid system). These small rituals make us get to know each other better privately, which results in better understanding, great team spirit and respectfulness.

All these make us also more proactive - e.g. in testing activities or during meetings with the client. We also have a very close relationship with Technical Product Owner and Principal Software Engineer, who trust us. Our sprints are not very tense, and we have time for maintenance and experiments as needs of team and business are balanced.

Other aspect that makes our team one of a kind is the ability to work on any operating system. We work on both Windows and Linux.

What are the advantages of working on one project for a long time (several years)?

Knowledge of the code and cooperation with people you like.

What was your development path?

Working at Anixe was my tough first job after college. I started as a Junior Developer in the Hotel Team. When the Bheels project was created, I joined it as a second developer. After five years, I became a Senior Software Engineer and, a year later, the Team Leader of theheels team. This job continiusly makes me develop every day, and I don't feel stagnant even now, after all this years.

Aleksander Product Manager – head of BHEELS Cluster

What distinguishes your team from others?

I think our team's basis is stability and trust in each other. We have a minimal rotation in our group and have worked in a reasonably similar team for many years, thanks to which we know each other very well. Our long-term cooperation has generated mutual credibility, which manifests in vigilance and openness to potential mistakes or inaccuracies for our mutual interest. The sooner we catch bugs, the more time we save. Repair later in work can take a long time.

What motivates you the most to work on the heels project?

I think such a driving force is the new challenge in the existing production system. The development of an already operating system brings with it many new solutions and challenges that can be interesting and developing. Thanks to this job, I feel that I am constantly learning new things and that my career does not stand still.

What does the Bheels team have in common?

Sympathy among team members. We like to cooperate and spend time after work. This makes us know each other both from the professional and the personal side. Another significant advantage is that we have a friendly relationship with our clients, with whom we work well.

What was your development path? What is your job at the moment?

I started with the support of the 2nd level in the Bheels team, then took the position of Product Owner in this team when the opportunity arose. I am a Product Manager - the head of the BHEELS cluster (Bheels / BMS Accounting / RES / Vestia bands). My work is focused on coordinating and long-term planning work with the relevant Product Owners.

Paulina - Software Engineer

What motivates you the most to work on the Bheels project?

What I like the most about my job is how the whole team is involved in the project. Each phase of software development is important for us, from planning to coding and code review to deployment and maintenance.

What do you think is the "strength" of the Bheels team?

People. We respect and support each other. We listen to our client’s needs and always try to get the best solution for the problem.

To summaries, two things are key to long-term cooperation: generous people and interesting projects. We are social animals; it is extremely important to spend time together and have well-defined goals. The goal of after-work activities or lunch breaks are to improve collaboration and communication and increase the level of trust in the professional. The scope of work itself is also important. It must provide employees opportunities for development and learning. When people can grow and increase their skills, then motivation and commitment come. Engaged people want to learn, not just for the individual’s benefit but for the whole team’s success.


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