DMCs Still Using Paper Contracts in 2022? ANIXE's Hotel Extranet Provides a Solution
06 DEC 2022

DMCs, why are you still using paper contracts in 2022?

Travel technology solutions are having a major impact on our industry, but many in the sector still cling to obsolete methods of conducting their businesses. How hotels, channel managers, and DMCs interact has been digitised, so why are many of you still using physical paperwork and Excel to do your business, and what is it costing you?

If you haven't digitised your operations, you are likely buried under a mountain of paperwork and rushing around trying to update allotments and offers. But it doesn't have to be this way. By integrating Hotel Extranet from ANIXE, you move everything online. Easy-to-use controls allow you and your partners to enter, update, and view prices, discounts, supplements, extras, allotments and restrictions in real time.

In this digitalised world, time-to-market is king. Getting your offers out to the world first gives you the edge over your competition. However, it is impossible to be the fastest if you still use outdated contract management methods. Sticking to the old ways and comfort zones means that by the time your offers reach the market, they will already be out of date. As a result, your more dynamic competition will react to market changes quicker and more efficiently, which means one thing, more profit for them.

The companies you supply demand speed. The more up-to-date and accurate your offers, the more they sell.

Connectivity is the key to this new dynamism. Hotel Extranet is a platform connecting DMCs directly to hotels as well as to channel managers. It is a multi-faceted approach which enables DMCs to sign direct static hotel contracts, as well as maintain, edit and update the dynamic hotel rates coming in through channel managers. In fact, this is the only tool in the entire industry that will allow you to “fine tune” the dynamic contracts you receive from channel managers. So how does this work?

I. Static Hotel Contracts

A Contractor on Hotel Extranet starts by creating a contract shell. This shell holds the hotel’s static master data, sort of like header info; the name, star rating, address and so on. Rooms must also be predefined. The contract shells would be created in accordance with your hotel partner to ensure data accuracy. Once you build a hotel’s shell, you can then move onto the contract itself. Using a state of the art web-based contracting tool you will be able to enter seasonality, basic rates, discounts, supplements, restrictions, extras and allotments. Before you activate your contract you can PDF it for your hotel partner to sign, and now you’ve shifted the responsibility of data entry errors off your table. On top of all of this, you can now offer your contracts to bedbanks and OTAs digitally through our Resfinity API. Say bye bye to emails, excel and paperwork. Everything now is at your fingertips, and is securely logged in the cloud. Accountability like never before.

II. Dynamic Hotel Contracts

For the very first time you’ll have visibility on the rates you receive from channel managers for your local and international hotel chains and groups. Hotel Extranet gives you front row seats to your dynamic channel manager contracts. Not only that, you also get access to edit rates and availability, add offers, supplements, discounts, restrictions and extras. This will help you and your hotel partners work around the technical limitations of some channel managers out there in the market. And you can be sure that’ll give you an edge and a clear advantage over all your competition.

The speed of digital transformation within the travel industry is nothing short of a revolution. But, as the old saying goes, "old habits die hard". Well, I say don't let your company be the old habit, it's time to innovate. Find out more about ANIXE's Hotel Extranet.Contact our sales team today


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