13 JUN 2022

From IT Service Desk to beyond...

Many people dream of working in IT but often think that the barrier will be their lack of technical education or experience in the industry.However, some positions are known as a "springboard" for dream IT jobs. At ANIXE, this is a position in the IT Service Desk team. 12-hour and night shifts can be the beginning of your journey to your dream position. All you need is will and determination. Here are three people's stories that show how far you can go if you want to.


He started working at ANIXE over five years ago for the IT Service Desk team and currently works as a Software Engineer. Let’s meet Adrian!

What was your career path at ANIXE?

I started with the IT Service Desk team. After a year in this position, I moved to the role of Technical Support. Here I joined the CMT team, where I am still. There I was able to write my first simple scripts supporting application monitoring. After three years in Technical Support and a few internal recruitments, I finally got the chance to work as a Junior Software Engineer. Today, after a year of working as a programmer, I managed to move up another step to the position of Software Engineer.

What motivated you to become a programmer?

Before working at ANIXE, I studied construction - bridge design at the Wrocław University of Technology. After a few years of studying and designing a few bridges, I discovered that it is not what I would like to do as a career. So I decided to try the IT industry, and after a few months, I found my way to ANIXE. Thanks to working here, I learned the roles and tasks of most positions in the IT industry. After passing several functions and levels, I already knew that programming is what I like to do.

What made you want to stay with ANIXE for so many years?

ANIXE gives opportunities for internal development, which I am an excellent example of. In addition, the people I met here are great, and I wanted to continue working with them and the sector in which we operate. Finally, ANIXE provides technology for tourism, which is much nicer than many other companies on the market do.

Could you count on someone’s mentoring during your reassignment?

I have always been able to count on mentoring, that is for sure. The Rust community in ANIXE is small but very helpful. Also, when applying for a developer position, I could always count on support or code review and some tips.

Before joining ANIXE, did you know how to code?

I wouldn't call it knowledge. I knew what a class, method, or variable was, but it was the basics. In retrospect, I can say that I did not know anything. Almost all the knowledge I have now, I acquired after moving to ANIXE.

Did you study computer science or take any courses?

Yes, I started my IT studies at the same time as I started working at ANIXE. I finished it two years ago in the middle of the pandemic, defending my thesis remotely. Nevertheless, I think that my studies did not help me in any way because I became a programmer, neither when it comes to the diploma itself nor through the knowledge I gained. I learned all my knowledge from books, online courses, and Rust's meetups, which took place in ANIXE even before the pandemic. The work at ANIXE was also important. With close contact with developers and being able to listen to many discussions about Rust language, I believe that if someone wants to become a programmer, studies are not always necessary.


One of the first positions to which people from IT service desk employees are promoting is the Junior Technical Product Owner position. One of such people was Mateusz. Let's get to know his story.

Have you had any previous experience in the IT field?

I have always been interested in computers and new technologies. I read various forums, books, and articles on the Internet. However, my studies were not related to the work because I am a music producer by education, so as a humanist, I don’t seem to fit well for a position in an IT company.

How did you get a promotion?

The promotion offer came somewhat by itself. Our HR team was announcing new positions in our internal recruitment platform, so I decided to apply. The knowledge of ANIXE products, which I got to know while working at the Service Desk, was undoubtedly a big help. It gave me a lot of freedom and pushed me to apply for the new position.

How was the training for your new role? Did you have a mentor?

The training was challenging but very effective. The hardest part was learning a lot of information. Of course, I had a mentor who is now my boss. While I had to do a lot alone, I could always count on her help, advice, or just a simple chat, after which I was ready for further work. Then, of course, with the constant support of my boss, who ensured that the training was going as it should be and helped me correct any gaps in my knowledge. After such training, I can perform all my duties without any problems - from planning the team's work to direct contact with the client.

What do you think is the most important thing to become a Junior Technical Product Owner from the Service Desk?

The most important thing is to want to learn new things - because there are tons of these things. The famous "can-do attitude" was crucial, at least in my case. In-Service Desk, you can find people from various fields with a massive range of skills. However, each of them was able to master all the knowledge required for this position, and they did their job very well. In the beginning, I was not sure if I would manage and if I would learn everything I should, but with a good attitude, willingness to learn, and the support of a great team such as the Service Desk, working with them is a great experience.

In what direction would you like to develop at the moment? Does ANIXE give you such an opportunity in your current position?

I would like to focus on what I do - developing my skills in my current position, maybe another promotion in the future. It gives me a lot of pleasure. There are great people at ANIXE who are open and helpful. Thanks to this, I cannot complain about "oh no, it's Monday again." Working here is full of challenges; sometimes, you have to get through more challenging days. But there is also time to relax, integrate with people and chat over coffee. Being surrounded by specialists from various fields in the IT world, ANIXE is a great place to develop in any chosen field.


There are also people at ANIXE who have decided to change their positions and career paths during their work here. An example is the story of Marek, who was an IT Admin Team Leader and currently is working in DevOps. You can read his story here. Marek did not rest after being promoted to Team Leader of the IT Admin Team. He decided to change his career path altogether.

What made you leave the team leader position and move to infra?

During one of the conversations in the office, I said, for fun, that maybe I would go to Infra myself, and in response, I heard that I should try it :) I listened, and I do not regret it :) Undoubtedly, it was a massive challenge for me - I had no contact with the technologies and tools used by my colleagues from Infra. When I considered changing positions, I thought about staying in constant touch with what I like the most - the practical application of my knowledge. Remember, all our decisions should come from us, not our employer.

What were your most significant difficulties when switching to a completely different role?

The transformation was not easy, and it's not over yet :). How to become a DevOps as a Team Leader? Honestly, all you need is the willingness and a little determination. But, of course, there must also be favourable circumstances. The most significant difficulty was that I knew the department that I was leading inside out, and the new one was shrouded in mystery for me. Almost all aspects were new to me. So I had to start everything all over again. It can discourage you, especially when it is hard to achieve success in the first months of work. On the other hand, knowing the company and its products made it very easy for me.

Here at ANIXE are no limits. You can change industries and become a team leader or even a developer. All you need is the willingness to learn, talking to your supervisor, and sometimes a little luck. The IT Service desk department is the perfect place for anyone who wants to develop and is determined enough to do it. At ANIXE, we do not look at your education and experiences. The most important thing is who you are, how you work, and what you want to achieve. We encourage you to apply here.

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