From MultiSport to Multi-Destination: Benefit Systems and ANIXE Team up for Exciting Employee Benefits
27 APR 2023

From MultiSport to Multi-Destination: Benefit Systems and ANIXE Team up for Exciting Employee Benefits

Employee benefits are essential to any company's strategy to attract and retain top talent.

Benefit Systems is a trendsetting Polish company in the employee benefits market. Its flagship product, the MultiSport Card, is gaining popularity across Central and Eastern Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, and Croatia - over 1.6 million users at the end of 2022). Benefit Systems is also a leader among providers of cafeteria programs in Poland, where over 550,000 employees enjoy a wide range of benefits, from access to sports, theatres, cinemas and zoos to food, educational courses and books, taking care of mental health, physical condition and healthy nutrition. In addition, the company's MyBenefit platform allows users to choose from a growing number of travel offers.

With an eye to extending its travel offers, Benefit Systems has integrated with ANIXE to bring the world to its users.

And bring the world we will.

Now, users can explore an extensive global network of over 1 million lodging options in addition to Benefit Systems' existing 8,500 third-party accommodations and 1,500 own hotels.

As a result, Benefit Systems may emerge as a new major player in the Polish travel industry, providing a unique and convenient way for employees to plan their next adventure.

Benefit Systems not only provides its users access to ANIXE's extensive global network of travel offers, but it will also employ ANIXE's HotelExtranet, with its own suppliers. This partnership allows Benefit Systems to further enhance the shopping experience for its users while also providing its suppliers with a way to streamline their operations.

Our mission is to promote an active and healthy lifestyle at every stage of life.. We believe travel broadens the mind, so we are excited to extend our offer to include a wider range of travel offerings. We are the only platform in Poland offering employee benefits that allow users to book accommodation online, and now thanks to cooperation with ANIXE, we are significantly deepening this competitive advantage.”- says Natalia Koszewska - Head of partner Support Team in Benefit Systems

"This partnership proves the versatility of Resfinity, which will allow Benefit Systems to break into the travel market in a new way. We look forward to further developing our partnership and watching the future evolution of Benefit Systems as it becomes a real travel industry player." - Says Paweł Żmuda – Head of Partner Success Department at ANIXE .

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