Aleksander, Employee at ANIXE, discusses how to get a career in IT.
28 AUG 2020

How Can A Non-IT Person Start Their Career In IT?

"If, like me, you come from a non-IT background; you will have challenges and you will face tough situations, but you will always have support from your team"

said Aleksander, who works as a Technical Support Specialist at ANIXE.

What does everyday life in ANIXE look like?

I believe that the best part of my work is that it is never boring. Every day I get to perform some technical tasks as well as manage the relationship with our Client, which allows me to use different sets of skills. Owing to this, each day tends to be a bit different, and I often face new challenges - I think this is what keeps me interested in my work.

Tell us about your beginnings at ANIXE.

I started working at ANIXE in 2018. I graduated in economics and journalism, but I wanted to come to the world of IT, so I did. I started work as technical support for the project WHEELS. This way, I learned how the IT environment works and built-up contact with the client. A few months later, our product owner changed career, and someone who would take care of the project was needed. We were looking for someone responsible for customer contact and sprint preparation, someone who understands the product. So, I took on this challenge, and I don’t regret it!

What makes your project stand out to you? Tell us more about it.

The project's main premise was to provide a technology platform that would offer car rentals from different suppliers. In practice, it would meet the needs of a client who wanted to rent a car from a specific location; the client would then get access to various rental offers, allowing them to choose. WHEELS is a product based on the latest technologies, created under the leadership of Wojtek - Team Leader of WHEELS. His experience from previous projects allowed him to determine which technological solutions are worth developing and which are better to give up. As a result of his experience, the application architecture was developed in .Net Core technology, which enables quick responses to changes. Thanks to this, any problems are quickly solvable.

How does your team cooperate with each other?

It is difficult to believe that only five people worked on such an advanced product - three developers, a team leader, and me. However, we achieved success due to the low turnover rate in the team and the fact that team members had worked on the project from the very beginning.

What is the most pleasant and the most satisfying part of the whole project?

The customer’s satisfaction. When we, as a team, presented the ready-made solutions according to their expectations and the fact that the system also met the non-functional requirements like speed, stability, security, and low maintenance costs. WHEELS is already in full swing; therefore, there are now some new challenges ahead for the team!

What do you enjoy doing after work in order to recharge your energy?

I read fantasy and science fiction novels. In addition, I follow the news to stay up to date with what is happening worldwide. I also enjoy watching videos that deal with the scientific side of the universe (which comes from enjoying science fiction, I'm sure).

You would recommend working in ANIXE because...?

There is a lot to learn at ANIXE if you are willing to put the effort in. Especially if, like me, you come from a non-IT background. You will have challenges and face tough situations, but you will always have support from your team.

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