25 OCT 2019

What does working in a customer-centric company look like?

"Most important for me, as for any Client Engagement Manager, is that the customer feels good when contacting the company and is satisfied with the products we provide,"

reveals Ania Turek, who has worked at ANIXE for five years. We asked Ania to tell us more about her daily work in a company that provides IT services for the tourism industry.

- What exactly do you do as CEM?

I am the first contact with our clients, meaning my role is quite extensive. I'm an advisor, analyst, and business partner all in one person. First of all, I try to be their mainstay, which is not an easy task. Building relationships by choosing the right words and formulating my thoughts into messages that guarantee mutual understanding. The topics of our talks relate to the needs of customers and the possibility of its implementation through software created by ANIXE. This follows the need for me to have the technical knowledge necessary when performing business analysis. This knowledge allows us to translate the requirements into the capabilities of the system and tools. It's a combination of two worlds: technology and tourism. Most essential for me, too, as a CEM, is that the customer feels comfortable when they contact the company and is satisfied with the products we supply. This builds trust between us and is the basis of long-term cooperation. I always try to put myself in the customer's position, even if I am writing a simple e-mail.

- Could you explain what are ANIXE's products?

ANIXE provides a hotel booking system that the client can adapt to their needs depending on whether that is a travel agency selling online or a tour operator.

- How is the analysis carried out?

It is a beautiful autumn day, and one moment, I receive an email from one of my customers: "Hello, we would like to see a 3D image of the booked rooms". At this moment, all the fun begins. I will face several steps necessary for the undertaking of success:

  • Analysis of the current state.
  • Gathering the client's wishes.
  • Determining the areas that will be affected by the change.
  • Review of expectations. Diagnosing the necessary tools and roles involved in the project. These elements are the basis of the required information. They will be needed by the Technical Product Owner responsible for checking all technical capabilities, risk assessment, and estimation of execution time and price. The final step is that the costs needed to implement the project will be compared with potential profits - both measurable, monetary, and less tangible, e.g., increased customer satisfaction, increased prestige, or improved user experience. Each of these steps is obviously supported by clear and systematic communication with the client. After all, the work will be of no avail if the internal arrangements don't meet the needs of the business. Assertiveness and the ability to strongly discuss a topic are very important in this kind of work; not all customer ideas translate into real sales growth and strengthening their market position. It is during a conversation or presentation that I try to show the client both forecasted profits and also potential losses.

- What departments do you cooperate with?

Literally, every team in our company is important in my daily work. Cooperation with Technical Product Owners (TPO) and development teams is the key. I consult technical issues with them and also assess the estimated cost of implementing a given solution.

- What was your biggest challenge at work?

In fact, every customer is a challenge for me. When I start cooperation, I get the information, "hey, here is a new customer and their sales profile." On the one hand, I have a data set; on the other hand, it has little to do with the real person I will work with. The challenge is that with a clear mind, a new client is suspected not to fall into the schemes. Each new offer and its representatives must be learned and understood from scratch. This helps build relationships. What counts is the idea, the individual approach, because behind the individual email signature stands a separate person with their own work style and thus different needs. There is no single golden rule or data template in customer relations - CEM.

- What was your beginning in ANIXE?

I have been at ANIXE for five years and started at the Service Desk, like many of my colleagues. I didn't know where this journey would lead me. Nevertheless, I still remember that very nice time. After three months, I was offered the chance to cooperate closely with the team of Karolina Żołnierek, and this cooperation continues to this day as part of the Client Engagement team.

- What motivates you most at work?

Constant development. There is no day that I do not learn something new. Because IT and tourism are very dynamic industries, and ANIXE combines both these areas, the pace is extremely fast, and there is no "downtime". It is very motivating for me. I also have the opportunity to learn because, on the one hand, I need to know a lot about business, tourism and customer relations, and on the other, I learn a lot about technology because I need to be up to date with our products. So, what I really appreciate is that I can grow in many directions.

- What is it about ANIXE that you stayed here for 5 years?

The working climate, which I think is unique at ANIXE, is very important to me. I don't feel like I'm coming to work. And all because I meet with people I have known for five years, but also get to meet new ones. We have a very relaxed atmosphere; we often meet outside work. I also appreciate the great freedom of decision-making and the opportunity to create your own work path with the client. I am also happy to meet so many interesting people from the world of tourism who I could be talking about forever. Working at ANIXE is such a unique experience that you have to try it yourself.

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