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03 DEC 2021

It's time to digitize DMC processes

New technologies, automation, and digitalisation have become part of everyday life. In some areas of business, we are almost entirely dependent on it.

It's hard to imagine any consumer segment today lacking the ability to purchase products/services online, log into dedicated accounts hosted on cloud-based systems, and use digital payments and internet banking. This is not only a convenience but brings us closer to ultimate efficiency as we plan and implement the elimination of labour-intensive and error-prone human processes.

And yet, the travel sector has remained behind the times, lacking modern, dedicated operating systems capable of supporting, optimizing and qualifying all business processes within a unified cloud-based environment that is fast, intuitive and reliable. For most DMCs, the daily routine involves excel sheets, a pen, paper and a calculator. On a good day, some companies will be running on outdated legacy systems that are slow, unstable and user intensive. Only a few operate on modern, cloud-based systems, which immediately rise to the top, stealing market share from the brick-and-mortar shops that employ labour-intensive processes. This state of affairs severely limits the possibilities and dynamics of these travel producers and keeps costs at suboptimal levels. No outlooks. No growth. No evolution.

Why should DMCs use an operating system?

A capable, modern system designed for DMCs should support, organise, improve, and integrate processes within the business cycle of a DMC and seamlessly integrate both sourcing and distribution of all products and services. A DMC’s business cycle includes business intelligence, purchasing, yielding, distribution, reservation management, logistics and, of course, financial reconciliation and invoicing. All should be perfectly integrated with each other and with external suppliers and distribution systems, ensuring proper and secure data flow between individual DMC employees, suppliers and customers.

Resfinity DMC comprehensively covers the entire DMC business cycle, automating everything along the way and establishing best practices for all processes. The system has been designed by industry experts and DMC moguls who put a lot of heart and effort into making it unrivalled in meeting the industry's specific requirements. After implementation, you may find yourself re-engineering key business processes to optimize your company's efficiency, freeing up your staff's time to create other profit centres and sales channels to ultimately grow your bottom line.

Resfinity DMC allows you to efficiently source, plan, manage, distribute, and reconcile complex travel products and itineraries, supporting static and dynamic sourcing and distribution. Resfinity DMC's direct contracting tools eliminate data entry errors with airtight validation, and shift the responsibility over to your supplier partners, as your rates and conditions are pdf'ed, signed by both parties and then set on sale according to your pre-defined sales profiles, markups and business rules. Your time-to-market for both contracted contingent and mid-season yield will become unmatched. Using macro/micromanagement tools and rules, your staff will save time where possible and spend it where it'll yield higher returns.

Built on state-of-the-art, reliable and scalable infrastructures ready to handle enormous amounts of data in real time, Resfinity DMC guarantees impressive performance and solid results. In addition, the system is offered on a software-as-a-service basis, reducing your company's complexity and the hassle of IT operations.

What sets ANIXE's latest product apart from the other few tools that DMCs have the chance to use?

• Full operating cycle supported under one operating system
• Highest level of process automation and greatest attention to process details
• Unrivaled user experience and UX
• Macro/micro management rules
• Unrivaled validation – no more errors
• Bulk actions
• Most efficient activities tool on the market
• Compliance with the latest data security policies.

Strong rivalry in the market puts constant pressure on companies to improve efficiency and effectiveness not only in relation to business partners but also in terms of cooperation with suppliers and distributors. IT solutions come to the rescue, which, in order to fulfil their role correctly, must fully correspond to the specificity and needs of their users. Automating processes within the organization to optimize daily work, improve business operations and gain a competitive advantage. All this has recently been available to DMCs, which, thanks to ANIXE's new system capabilities, can fully develop their potential and more quickly recover from post-pandemic losses.

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