05 MAR 2020

Magic UX

I like to think of myself as someone who cares that the needs of users and customers are met", says Maja, a UX Designer. For her, working at ANIXE is continuous development and responsibility but also a great adventure.

- What does everyday life in ANIXE look like for a UX Designer?

At ANIXE, I design applications for the tourism industry; it is not easy because they are characterized by the fact that they process a lot of information. My main task is to make these products seem simple, useful, and intuitive. To achieve this goal, I must first do research and then prepare a preliminary project. Designing useful, user-friendly features in the application is a real challenge. To make effective suggestions, I have to create a set of views, so-called mock-ups, and then collect feedback during tests with potential users.

- What do you get from doing tests with users?

It allows you to check the proposed solutions and improve how the application works. Talking with users and research lets you know all the limitations and capabilities of a given product before the project enters the programming phase. Testing with actual users in conditions closest to a natural environment allows me to understand the product better and any possible deficiencies. To conduct a test properly, you need to be a vigilant listener because, during interviews, even a slight hesitation in the user’s voice can signal that something is incomprehensible to him. I like testing very much.

- What is the biggest challenge for you in your job?

I like this combination of business and user perspectives during the design process. The customer has their own needs and requirements for the product, and I am the person who makes sure that the obligations of both parties (client and end-user) are met.

- What features of the project do you work on?

It requires a lot of independence. The work on the product itself is very developing. I study it gradually, and because the knowledge is pervasive, I learn something new every day, and it is thrilling! That's why this work has never bored me.

I think those of us who work at ANIXE look a little differently at the tourism industry. We see how much information has to be transmitted by a single application. Working on developing a tourist product allows you to explore this industry from a different point of view, which is fascinating in itself, especially if someone likes to travel.

- What do you like in ANIXE the most?

Teamwork and the atmosphere in the company! Even if we work on a separate projects and with different products, however, we always have time for consulting on our projects, giving advice, and helping each other. I like that ANIXE takes care that we integrate through internal events or team-building events. In the end, I would like to tell you what is most important in my opinion: we like to work with each other, and I love it.

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