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28 SEP 2020 – powered by Resfinity Engine

Meinpep and ANIXE, the travel technology provider, today announced the beginning of a long-term partnership. This declaration is the culmination of a busy period of successful preparatory work during which the integration of both systems was carried out. This time is a crucial example of how companies can effectively take advantage of the industry’s downturn to strengthen their position through a technological revolution.

Thanks to the collaboration and integration with Resfinity API, customers will get access to a much wider and diversified collection of hotels worldwide, with more competitive pricing. At the same time, ANIXE will support in cache data production and mapping services for hotels and room types. All this works to enrich the company’s unique offering to the German travel-trade market with a larger hotel portfolio to improve its agents’ shopping experience.

Meinpep is a German online booking portal exclusively for employees in the travel industry & hotel business. They provide exclusive travel offers, which are used for further education and expansion of product knowledge. Offers are about 20-50% cheaper than on the open market and only available for employees from the tourism sector and the hotel industry (strict legitimation process) who book their own holidays. The company offers over 400 hotel offers, and its main destinations are Europe (Spain, Germany, Austria), Mauritius, Maldives, DomRep, Mexico, and Thailand.

What distinguishes Meinpep on the market? First of all, tourism professionals appreciate the vast and exclusive offers for travel agents and other tourism employees with up to 50% discount. On the other hand, hotels enjoy the possibility of direct advertising to relevant decision-makers in the travel industry, promoting FAM trips and incentive trips to keep their hotels on top of mind. meinpep is owned by the publisher of “touristik aktuell “, one of the leading German travel trade press magazines.

The collaboration with Meinpep is unique. It is a relatively small business by numbers, but is positioned very strategically in the German market. Perhaps unknown to the German consumer, meinpep is a household name in the German travel trade sector. We have big expectations for this not so big shop.” - says Amr Mohsen, Director of Business Development at ANIXE.

We are very happy to start the cooperation with ANIXE. Today one of the key factors for success in the tourism sector is modern technology. Digitalization and Automatization are the most important growth factors. It is essential for us to offer hotels an easy way to sell their product on our web portal. Since we are specialized and the volume is low, a lot of hotels only start a cooperation with us if the effort is low and the process is automated - with ANIXE, this is possible now.” - says Lischa Landt-Hayen - Product and Marketing Manager at meinpep

ANIXE’s cooperation with Meinpep is a good foresight for the future, highlighting the gradual improvement in the Travel sector, which has recently been very much affected by the pandemic’s effects. Every trend collapse is a good time to look at the efficiency of the processes and the infrastructure in place to fully prepare to face the inevitable economic recovery in the near future. .

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