Working at ANIXE is better than average
04 JUN 2021

One company + Time = Big perspective

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics *, in 2014, the average length of service was 4 years and 6 months, and in 2020 - 4 years and 1 month. In contrast, at ANIXE, 8% of employees have worked for over 10 years, about 40% of us have worked for more than 4 years, and three-year-olds make up about 23% of our company.

We are living faster, and that’s why we want to see the effects of our work right here and right now. But on the other hand, patience during the development of our professional career could give us more valuable experience.

In recent years, there has been a trend of getting promoted faster by changing jobs frequently and applying for higher positions, which is called 'jumping into the deep end'. However, employees without experience can find it challenging to find themselves and face new tasks.

In every business and role, we have to learn, which is facilitated by time and patience above all else. And rapidly increasing the number of duties we take on may not necessarily make us better specialists in a given field. It may, however, have other (often adverse) effects.

At ANIXE, we have a significant number of people who have stayed with us for many years. Interestingly, this has not meant that they have spent their whole career in the same position, doing the same thing over and over again. Anyone with a predisposition and willingness to improve can create their own future, especially when you can count on the support of a mentor who will share his experience with you, as in the case of Leszek (Senior Software Engineer, over 6 years at ANIXE)

Being at ANIXE for a long time has allowed me to bring the projects I work on to perfection. If, in addition to your own ambition and willingness to learn, and on top of that, you are lucky (just like me;) enough to find some professional superiors, success is guaranteed. Let’s remember that changes are evolutionary, not revolutionary.

Patience and trust

People hungry for challenges and new experiences should remember that the longer we work in one company, the better we know its culture, customs and colleagues. There is also mutual trust between employees and companies, which gives us more ambitious and exciting tasks. It is one of the factors that makes our careers more exciting. We can then polish our skills in unexplored areas of the industry at our own pace. Over time, we build a reputation, and thus the possibility of development tailored to your qualifications and individual predispositions.

Monika (Infrastructure Manager, over 10 years at ANIXE)

Knowing your colleagues and their habits makes it easier to achieve common goals. Team activities or overcoming difficulties are invaluable and highly motivating.

My need to be up to date with trends in IT goes well with the motivation for continuous development, and I have this option at ANIXE. I am improving and expanding my abilities together with some amazing people! New activities generate new successes.

You can build your own development in a way that suits you and gradually climb up the career ladder. This shows that you have control and stabilization and can move forward according to your own needs.

For ANIXE employees, the people and the opportunity to develop themselves are the engines of their careers. A different aspect is important for each individual, but they share one thing - seniority and job satisfaction.

Together we can do more!

Nothing increases joy and efficiency as much as working on a joint project in a team where employees trust each other. When we know our strengths and weaknesses, the team can plan the division of duties more efficiently and celebrate successes together.

For ANIXE employees, the people and the opportunity to develop are the engines of their careers. A different aspect is important for each individual, but they share one thing - seniority and job satisfaction.

Ania (Senior Client Engagement Manager, over 6 years at ANIXE)

I have been at ANIXE for over six years because ANIXE meets all my expectations regarding the conditions and atmosphere of work and development opportunities.

It is a modern, comfortable office filled with people willing to take on new challenges (not only business ones) and purposefully looking for unconventional solutions. Also, I can continuously develop my customer relationship management skills and acquire new knowledge when implementing our latest products.

Of course, apart from that, friendly relations with my closest team and other colleagues are also fundamental because they make you want to be at work and come to it more willingly.

As you can see, promotion, exciting projects, recognition and higher earnings can be achieved by working in a trusted company for many years. That’s why it’s worth giving such a chance to an employer, being patient, and getting involved. .

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