Bring your dog to work: ANIXE Dog Friendly Company
09 MAY 2023

A dog-friendly workplace can help businesses attract and retain top talent. So what do employees think about this idea? “if I had to choose between a workplace where the office is pet friendly or a company that does not tolerate animals - I would choose the company where I can come with Chałka 😊” - said Patryk - a software developer who regularly visits the office with his dog Chałka.

Should employees bring dogs to the office?

If someone has a dog and the desire, it's worth a try!

For me, the possibility of coming with dogs is a benefit that makes life much easier - even today: my girlfriend studies from morning to evening, which would require leaving our Chałka alone from 7:00 to 15:00, which is too long for a still growing dog. If it weren't for the opportunity to come with her to the office, I'd stay home or come to the office for only a few hours.

What was the reaction of your colleagues when you came to the office with Chałka for the first time?

They liked it very much - Chałka is small and sweet, which is why she won the hearts of everyone almost immediately. We've been coming to the office every Wednesday for over a month. Chałka probably already knows every corner, but she is still happy to run and explore new places.

Has anyone noticed that you are with a dog? Have you encountered adverse reactions?

Fortunately, there has been no such situation so far. But, of course, if it happened, I would immediately take Chałka and set her up in another place so that she would not disturb anyone. Maybe we could sit together in one of the conference rooms or in one of the quiet rooms.

Before I brought her to ANIXE, I had doubts because I did not associate with any dogs that would come to the office regularly - these were somewhat isolated and sporadic situations. I also didn't know how my dog would react to the new place and people: would she bark or panic? I couldn't predict that, especially since Chałka is still a young dog full of energy.

Was there a situation where there was a second dog in the office?

Yes, once we accidentally met a dog named Stefan in the kitchen. Fortunately, they quickly became friends - both were small, so they quickly understood that they would spend the rest of the day together.

Is our office dog friendly?

Yes, we do not have an open space here in ANIXE, but rather clearly accentuated spaces - thanks to this, Chałka has no problem understanding which part of the office we are currently in and tries to stay close to me.

Usually, there is no situation in which Chałka runs to the other end of the office to jump on someone's knees, although she once happened to steal a glove whose owner I tracked by posting a photo on the company channel on Slack!

What benefits do you see from having dogs in the office?

I like dogs, so it's an excellent benefit for me!

But I can imagine that someone may be annoyed by, for example, metal banging on a collar or a dog's stamping. It can especially build frustration in people who have trouble focusing, that's for sure.

I believe dogs in the office work well only if the office is large enough, such as ANIXE's headquarters in Wrocław. I think that a lot also depends on the dog's size and number - if everyone started coming with their own, it could get crowded. Three or four dogs is optimum - there is a balance and some animals, but not too many.

It's like with flowers - great as they are, but turning the office into a botanical garden can be too much!

Do you think having a dog in the office makes employees feel less stressed?

Yes, this is especially noticeable when the dog approaches you; you look at it and take a short break to stroke it, assuming you are not too busy and need to de-stress. Such contact with the animal gives a lot. One hug works like one lit pipe - only healthier.

What kind of dogs can come to the office?

Indeed, small ones that do not have behavioural problems. A lot also depends on how your dog is perceived - many carers do not notice that their dogs are aggressive or fearful, which can lead to various dangerous situations. If someone wants to bring their dog to the office, they should consider whether their dog can spend a few hours in a strange place full of stimuli and new people.

In my opinion, people who have dogs after traumas or dogs that are aggressive should give up coming to the office with a dog in such a situation because it can end up with a lot of stress for both the office environment and the guardian.

Bringing your dog to the office is a great benefit that makes life easier for employees, especially now that work comes back from the office. This is because so many people adopted a four-legged friend during the pandemic, and there are currently a lot of dogs around!

Ultimately, if I had to choose between a workplace where the office is pet friendly or a company that does not tolerate animals - I would choose the company where I can come with Chałka 😊


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