Supercharge your booking engine with cached data exports
19 DEC 2022

Supercharge your booking engine with cached data exports

Does your booking system feel slow? Unresponsive? Old? You might think using live searches is the best option for your customers. Live searches indeed produce the most accurate prices and availability of offers. But the fact remains that your customer experience, and in turn your booking conversion, will be drastically affected due to slower response times. To solve this problem while still presenting highly accurate offers, you need to supercharge your booking engine.

Upgrade your Engine

Cached data is the supercharger you’re looking for. It guarantees instant search results for your customers. Your online travel agency website will feel crisp, responsive, and cutting edge. This will have a profound effect on your look-to-book conversion rate.

This effect is confirmed by some of the biggest names in the eCommerce world. All studies point to the fact that faster websites = more purchases.

Cloudflare, the popular content delivery network, estimates on average that the look-to-book conversion on a website is best with a load time of 2.4 seconds or less. Furthermore, the digital marketing specialists, Portent, estimate that look-to-book conversions drop by a massive 4.42% per second between 0-5 seconds!

Can you afford to continue with a slow website?

Market leaders of the online travel industry have already tuned up their booking engines to unlock the power of cached data. They are increasing conversions and their customers are enjoying unparalleled user experience.

ANIXE is the world's largest provider of hotel cached data, and our system can do much more than speed up your search response times.

So, what else can ANIXE’s cache data system do for you?

Take Control of the Wheel

You have years of customer purchasing data at your disposal. You know exactly what products and which destinations they love the most. While conducting live searches, your website is likely to show every single offer for a city without considering what is more popular with your customers.

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Only with ANIXE’s cache data solution can you create specific areas to decide on what offers you receive to forward to your customers. This way, you will improve the overall quality of your offers as you can customise each destination to prioritise the places your customers love, as well as evolve your portfolio to match the product that you actually sell.

Controlling which areas of a destination you sell is just the tip of the iceberg. ANIXE’s cache data solution offers you additional controls over hotels allowing you to exclude or include hotels based on your in-depth knowledge of your customers. You can filter hotels by star rating, source, destination among other parameters. Furthermore, you can customise your product definition by selecting the room types, stay days, occupancy combinations and meal plans you want to sell.

No other provider in the market can deliver this level of control over your offers. Overtake your competitors by offering exactly what your customers book.

Look Under the Hood

When you implement our cache data solution, you gain access to various online dashboards to help you keep a close eye on what is happening under the hood of your new booking engine. Our live cache validation dashboards give you front row seats to the show. Every facet of the data is monitored and displayed in state of the art visual styling, using charts and graphs to give you powerful insights into your cache data exports in a human-friendly format. No boring CSV reports here.

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Because it is so easy to read, you can quickly monitor pricing accuracy, availability accuracy, total offers and more with just a few clicks of the mouse. It’s never been easier (or cooler) to gain insights into your Data quality and internal calculations.

Get More Miles to the Gallon

Unlike with a car, when you supercharge your booking engine, you will reduce the running costs of your website. Cache data drastically cuts the number of queries that your servers receive. Your API is queried only once before the booking is made to recheck pricing and availability. That’s it.

See your profit margins grow with a combination of increased conversion and lower running costs.

Try not to think about what your current engine is costing you!

Initiate Cruise Control

Sit back and relax as our systems do all the dirty work. ANIXE’s cache data solution is automatic and requires about as much input from you as turning on cruise control in your car.

Once you have decided on the settings, we will deliver a fresh file of cache data for you to import at the frequency you desire. Simple and sweet.

Steer your company to success with the trust that your new engine is both super fast and reliable.

Trust our Pit Crew

We have been upgrading online travel industry players for over 20 years. We have the experience to upgrade your engine efficiently and effectively. Working on other companies' systems is what we do best, and our customer engagement team will be there for you to help direct you on how to use our system to your greatest benefit. We come batteries included.


Getting a new engine has never been easier. Read more about our specialistic Cache Data Solutions module for online travel agencies and tour operators. Contact ANIXE today to unlock the hidden potential of your brand.


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