Michał (also known as “Mike”), our Principal Software Engineer is celebrating his 14th anniversary in ANIXE.
07 FEB 2019

The ANIXE way: a secret of long-time cooperation

Michał (also known as “Mike”) our Principal Software Engineer, easily proves that point! He is celebrating his 14th anniversary at ANIXE this year. So we thought it was the best moment to catch up with him chat about his time at the company.

How did your first years at ANIXE look like?

Despite of being a freelance programmer before ANIXE I had to learn a lot. New technologies, new programming language, domain knowledge. I remember looking at senior developers and being really impressed. They were experienced, very smart and had access to all of those servers! They talked about problems at totally different level. They were solving issues I had never encountered, it was just mind-blowing. But I got great mentor, he taught me how to write a clean code and what was important beside programming. The very basic steps of being a good software engineer. I’m really grateful for that.

What has changed in ANIXE during those years?

Almost everything! It’s cool to be a part of an organization like ANIXE which evolves constantly. From guerilla coding and a lot of improvising to structured and well-organized delivery pipelines. From chaotic groups of people to self-organizing teams. I was able to observe all of that, had an impact on a lot of decisions and what’s even better, cleaned up our own mess multiple times! Definitely invaluable experience, just impossible to feel when you jump between companies every few years.

What is that you like the most in your job?

Being challenged constantly, having an autonomy and independence. I value teamwork, it’s really important for me and fortunately I’m surrounded by people I can count on, regardless the problem. I also feel that my job is meaningful. There is also something we call “The ANIXE way”. You can’t easily describe it but you immediately feel it when you join the company. It’s our internal culture. The way we communicate and how we deliver software to our clients. That’s why we are so successful and the reason I’m here for so long.

I’m an engineer, I should probably mention some technical stuff. But, you know, it just does not really matter. Technology is likely to change, new programming languages and techniques will come, you just need to adapt. A programmer can’t write code the same way using the same tools all the time. With this approach we don’t learn anything and get bored very quickly.

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