Explore the daily work of the IT Service Desk team and discover how non-technical professionals can enter the IT industry
31 MAR 2022

The daily work of the Service Desk team

The IT Service Desk is an ideal place for enthusiasts of new technologies and people who don't have a technical diploma. It is also a great way to enter the IT industry. So, what is daily life like in this position? Stanisław and Jakub, who have been working at the IT Service Desk for a long time, will share the details of their work.

Welcome to the IT world

We have published stories on our blog many times about people who started their adventure at ANIXE from the IT Service Desk department - for example, Ania or Adam. Many of this department's employees had nothing to do with IT before. However, thanks to their motivation and our training system, they could acquire knowledge and provide support to our customers quickly. This is also what happened with Jakub: Before I joined ANIXE, I had no experience in the IT industry. However,said Jakub - I was interested in computers and new technologies, so I decided to work at entry-level IT. It was an excellent opportunity to start my adventure in IT. I like programming, and I would like to develop in this direction. Therefore, working at ANIXE will allow me to achieve my goals.

Knowledge sharing and learning are the basics

If you want to work at the IT Service Desk, you do not need to have specific technical competencies or a mathematics diploma. However, the ability to think logically, a passion for new technologies and a willingness to learn are essential. It is simply easier for such people, said Stanisław. In my opinion, people interested in technology and familiar with computers are the best fit for this role. It is easier for such people to understand the operation of the application and the system of navigating through the tools.

The biggest challenges

There are some challenges associated with working at a Service Desk, like night shifts. Contrary to appearances, they are not as big an obstacle as it seems to the candidates. If your lifestyle is conducive to shift work, it is worth looking into this possibility at our company. Before the employed person begins independent shifts for the so-called "nights", they must undergo an implementation process under the supervision of a mentor. It is always someone from the team. We never leave the new person alone. Why is proper preparation for evening shifts so significant? - Stanisław explainsThe implementation process for night shifts takes place after an intensive one-month training period. Everyone works the first two shifts under my supervision or another experienced ITSD employee. This is crucial because it is more difficult to obtain professional advice from second-line technicians after dark. At night, you will notice different behaviour of IT systems (planned restarts, scans) or disturbances in traffic visible in the monitoring. It is worth adding that night shifts are paid extra.

The IT Service Desk also has an intensive trial period which provides training for this position. Employees gain many competencies from scratchJakub saysit is a time when you can develop amazingly. The trial period can be a big challenge - the multitude and variety of projects we must get acquainted with for new people can be challenging to assimilate quickly. The trial period requires considerable concentration, acquiring a large amount of knowledge in a relatively short time. Every day you learn newer and newer things as you delve into each project with our support.

Another aspect that distinguishes itself in working at the IT Service Desk is the 12-hour shift system. Initially, it may seem quite intense, but in the long run, it may have more advantages than the "classic" working period of 8-hours. Stanisław talks about the benefitsOur contracts with clients require the IT Service Desk to operate 24- hours a day, 365 days a year. It makes the team work twelve-hour shifts, with shifts taking place at seven a.m. and seven p.m. The advantage of this form of work is the ability to set a schedule to have a few days off in a row without having to take a vacation.

Why is it worth applying?

Working at the IT Service Desk is unconventional, but it brings great satisfaction to employees. This motivates people to continue workingsaid Stanisław and Jakub.

In support (probably on every line), the most satisfying thing is the solution of a problem, whether it is an inquiry from the client or the development of a different approach to a monitoring problem - when you develop and build a coherent whole that works and fulfils its function, you can feel a sense of overwhelming pride. Yes, we did it! - said Stanisław.

What I like the most about my job is the speed of development and the amiable atmosphere of the entire company and the team I work with. Thanks to my work at the Service Desk, I could improve my technical competencies and language skills and teamwork - which in our case is essential. – says Jakub.

If you are a person who is passionate about modern technologies, sees an opportunity in the shift work system and, above all, wants to enter the IT world, working at the IT Service Desk could be the perfect place for you! You can find job offers at ANIXE here.


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