17 APR 2023

Sometimes a change of job doesn't look the way we want. We often regret and miss the old job ... that's why people often return. It's the same with ANIXE. So many of our employees have been onboarding twice ;). One such person is Alberto. Who returns to ANIXE after some time of working in other companies. Why did he decide to come back?

Why have you decided to come back to ANIXE?

After working in different companies, I decided to return because, somehow, ANIXE felt like home. I like the technology that ANIXE is using. I love the product that we are making and developing. But what I enjoy the most here are the people. They make me feel I am part of the family, not a company. Since I started work at ANIXE, they have treated me like a friend, in other companies where I worked, I did not feel like I was part of the team. It was because I was the only foreigner there. Here, I have never felt like this, even when I was the only foreigner in the team. My colleagues use English (or even Spanish) and are incredibly open and friendly.

What was the thing that you missed the most?

Approach to modern technology and the way how the company is improving the product. ANIXE is constantly up to date with what is fresh in the market. Moreover, every member of a team is involved in updating and evolving the product. Everyone could choose and discuss how to update the product solution. In other companies, only 1-2 people took part in this process. There was not any discussion or knowledge sharing. I missed it. Through dialogue and exchange of views, we can broaden our horizons and learn new things. It is also the best way to make every system even better and more modern.

Did you have any worries before you came back?

I had some, but after some research and meetings with people from ANIXE, I no longer had any doubts or fears. Everyone was accommodating and honest about how the company changed lastly.

How do people react to your comeback?

People who already knew me reacted very joyful.
They know who I am and how I work.
There are also many new people I cannot wait to get to know better during team-bonding events.
I have also changed the squads I support, so the products and people are different, but I am excited to work with them and create something new.

Why did you decide to leave in the past?

I started to feel bored with the things I was doing with my project. But unfortunately, there was no possibility of changing it.
I was not ready to change my technology stack to React.
So, I decided to change companies and learn new things, but after experiences in different organisations, I regretted my decision. But, of course, now I know many new things, and I feel I can bring new input into ANIXE solutions. I am happy that I have come back, and I am sure next year or even in two next years, I will tell you the same 😊.


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