TripX growth due to great technology partnership with ANIXE
29 JAN 2019

TripX is the North Star!

With triple figure year on year growth, Nordic Tour Operator TripX is on a clear path to market domination. With solid proprietary technology and an evolving product portfolio through tech partner ANIXE, TripX is delivering the right product at the right price.

Last years top destinations were: Barcelona & coasts, Majorca, Gdansk, South Turkey, London, Dubai, Gran Canaria and product expansion will come to include: Santorini, Corfu, Heraklion, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Mauritius and more...

The icing on the cake is an extended exclusivity agreement for the region with ANIXE. Nordic travel companies looking to connect to ANIXE’s third party product can still do so, through an interface provided by TripX for third party customers.

"We are very happy with the partnership with ANIXE, both on a personal level and on technology level", the TripX CEO Morten Husby says. "We are talking the same langauge so to speak and as Tripx today feeds several other channels with content we are more than happy to continue our good relationship and bring it further forward".

To the future, and beyond!

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