Universal Compatibility - Travel Distribution Platforms
24 SEP 2019

Universal Compatibility - Ready to Plug & Play?

Two schools of thought come into play here. There is the enclosed environment, isolated and incompatible with everything else. Steve Jobs and other Apple gurus will spend hours telling you about the benefits of the enclosed environment. Control. Absolute control over the product’s evolution and over the vision they’ve set for it. Isolation from other technologies, user groups and devices. No external dependencies or collaboration with other entities.

Then there is open source. Ultimate compatibility. Google believes that we can all learn from one another, regardless of anything else. And that it is almost always better to work together than reinvent the wheel time and time again. The vision here is that in the quest for knowledge, no singular vision will suffice.

As a user, I feel very restricted in the Apple environment. It’s very clean, high-performance, and state-of-the-art. Everything works as it should. But there’s an outer perimeter just beyond the horizon. A white, sparkly clean wall with nice rounded edges that stretches up into the heavens. Nothing gets in, and nothing gets out. Apple users tell each other tales of mythical apps and experiences that lie just beyond those walls. But they’ll never know for sure.

Google, on the other hand, gives you control. You can control your environment. You can interact with other platforms, exchange data and information, and share experiences. You can connect buyers and sellers, streamline transaction processes and raise bottom lines. You can complement other tech efforts and business models to solve challenges, offer add-ons, achieve better ROIs and generally make the world a better, easier place for everyone to live and trade. Not for a chosen group of loyal fans or cult, but for everyone.

In the travel industry, people seldom consider the multi-technical compatibility requirements that are necessary to complete a project. The common ones are back office and payment gateway integrations. But how do we get companies trading with one another, sharing inventories, supply and distribution sources? We try to find the common denominators. The dominant platforms that manage each step of a travel company’s business cycle. These are the traffic hubs that bind the global travel trade sector together.

At ANIXE, we’ve spent years identifying and integrating several major inventory management and distribution platforms across different markets, thereby connecting all customers on these platforms with Resfinity’s product suppliers of hotel, transfer and excursions. With every platform integration, we establish a new trade route that guarantees traffic volume from the get-go and a sustainable win-win relationship for all parties involved.

Technically, there are two different ways to approach platform connectivity. The first and most common is a pure online integration, where Resfinity’s API receives live queries and responds in real time. The other involves the generation and export of offline price and availability information to the platform, where the customer will direct the search query. This caching method is used throughout European travel markets like Germany, The Netherlands and France, where our distribution partners combine an offline flight and transfer element locally to produce a static package. We have invested years of time and effort on both sides of the table to reach the level of interconnectivity we command today. Ultimately, we want to connect buyers and sellers of travel products all over the world, reinforcing ANIXE’s vision of seamless global connectivity for the travel industry.

Commercially, we present a non-intrusive business model. We do not compete with tour operator systems, dynamic packaging systems or distribution platforms. We rather complement each of those with endless third-party product supply and services wrapped around this core offering. And as the technical effort is managed between ANIXE and the platforms, future ANIXE customers needn’t worry about integrations, product mapping or any development work. It is as plug-and-play as it gets!

If your travel company operates on a platform we haven’t integrated yet, we’d love to hear from them. Once a clear business case is established, we can start working on the connectivity.



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