ANIXE Employee, Ania, explains the value of training.
22 FEB 2023

“I am a self-taught Product Owner; for a long time now, I have wanted to take part in external training, and a great opportunity arose!" - said Ania, Technical Product Owner who has recently completed a Scrum course and passed the exam. Here at ANIXE, we believe in lifelong learning, and that's why when an employee like Ania wants to grow, ANIXE is always ready to help.

Why did you choose the Scrum course? Was it your initiative or ANIXE's?

Scrum is one of the most popular methodologies used to run projects in the modern IT industry - I believe that you need to know this framework even if you are not going to use everything it has to offer, as each and every project poses a challenge of its own.

Participation in the training was my own initiative - I am a self-taught Product Owner, and I wanted to hear about Agile project management from a specialist. I've wanted to do it for quite a while now, but finding good training was not that easy - I was looking for something non-remote since I believe one can get much more from it, and a great opportunity finally arose!

How was the training? Could you count on the company's help in preparing for the exam?

The training took the form of a workshop where theoretical issues were interspersed with practical tasks, all from the standpoint of a Product Owner. Through various challenges and discussions, we've learned tons of interesting techniques related to developing a product and planning it in time frames longer than a sprint or two. What's great is that because this training was certified by the organisation, later, I had the opportunity to take (and pass!) an official Scrum exam. To obtain a certificate, one must correctly answer 85% (68 out of 80) of multiple-choice questions, all within 60 minutes. I prepared for this exam for about two more weeks after the training, when my knowledge was still fresh - I was reading the training materials, analysing the sources available on the website, and performing their open tests; it was hard work, but - without a doubt - work worth doing.

What is your next career goal? Does ANIXE support your professional development?

This training confirmed my belief that I should pursue my professional career as a Product Owner, so my plan is to put my foot on the gas and brush up on my knowledge to achieve other certificates. As I said, although our company does not work strictly in Scrum, I'm hoping to make great use of my freshly-gained Scrum knowledge in managing my teams and my projects.

It was my first training during the time I worked for Anixe, and it's been great, so I hope the door is open for me to participate in them more often.

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