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23 MAY 2023

Why automated hotel sourcing is the key to beating your competitors

As the travel industry becomes increasingly competitive, finding ways to stay ahead of the curve is more important than ever. One key area where you can gain an advantage is in digital hotel sourcing.

If you haven’t automated your hotel sourcing, you know it’s a time-consuming and error-prone process involving in-person meetings, manual contracts, and markup management. However, with the advent of digital sourcing , you can now drastically reduce human error and your time-to-market to gain a competitive edge.

ANIXE's hotel dynamic sourcing offers just such a solution. With just one API integration, you can access a wide range of hotel suppliers, quickly add new hotel partners, and ensure that your customers always have access to the most up-to-date pricing and availability information.

Why you need an upgrade

Manually sourcing your longtail products is a time-consuming process. Meeting in person to sign contracts, just like you do with your core hotel partners, isn't feasible when you aim to enhance your offering with a broader range of options. This inefficiency not only hampers your ability to quickly bring new products and offers to the market, but it also puts you at a disadvantage compared to competitors who have embraced digital sourcing tools. By adopting these tools, you can streamline the procurement of longtail products, ensuring a more efficient and diverse product range while remaining competitive in the market.

Another challenge of manual hotel sourcing is the potential for errors. With so much data to manage, it's easy to miss a mistake or duplicate content. This can lead to confusing or conflicting information for customers, which can negatively impact your reputation and lead to lost sales. Even worse, it could lead to negative margins and financial loss.

In addition to the risk of errors, manual hotel sourcing can also limit your ability to access a wider range of suppliers. Without an automated system to quickly add new suppliers, you may miss out on exciting new opportunities or be unable to offer customers the best deals, best prices and most trendy destinations.

Overall, the challenges of manual hotel sourcing can be significant, affecting your time-to-market, ability to compete, and customer satisfaction. However, by adopting an automated sourcing tool like ANIXE's hotel dynamic sourcing platform, you can overcome these challenges and gain a competitive edge.

What being upgraded looks like

With ANIXE's dynamic hotel sourcing, you can overcome the challenges of traditional hotel sourcing and gain a competitive edge. Here are some of the key benefits of automated hotel sourcing:

• Reduced time-to-market: ANIXE automates the sourcing process, allowing you to bring new offers and products to market in hours instead of weeks or months. This means you can be the first to offer special hotel deals and sell out the most profitable destinations, making you the first choice for travellers.

• Access to a wide range of suppliers: You get access to a vast network of suppliers, allowing you to reach real price bargains and offer your customers destinations to suit anyone. With more options to choose from, you can tailor your inventory to meet the needs and preferences of your customers.

• Prioritised static content: You can prioritise top-quality supplier content, ensuring that your customers can always access the best information. Our partnership with GIATA gives you access to all their paid static content and Giata Drive completely free of charge. This means you can offer a superior user experience with detailed and accurate information about hotels and destinations.

• Unique combinations: By focusing on your core business and automating your long tail, you can offer your customers a unique combination of offers tailored for them, enhancing your brand’s niche appeal. This mix of static and dynamic is content is what will separate you in a crowded market and bring the best offers and deals to your customers.

• Maximised profits: Boost your bottom line by using Yield Optimization. Our intelligent algorithms continuously search for better deals after each sale, so you can get cash back on every transaction.

• Scalability and Performance: Become highly scalable by quickly and easily adding new capacity as your online traffic grows. Our servers are in Central Europe and provide competitive speeds worldwide. In addition, we can utilise offline prices to further increase your performance as you won’t need to wait for suppliers' responses.

Overall, the benefits of digital hotel sourcing are numerous and too many to list all in one article, but you can be sure that you need it to avoid losing market share to those who have it.

Don't let manual hotel sourcing slow you down or put you at a disadvantage to your competitors. Instead, request a free demo of ANIXE's Hotel Dynamic Sourcing Platform today and see for yourself how it can help you revolutionise your hotel sourcing process and take your business to the next level.

Read more about our specialistic Hotel Dynamic Sourcing Solutions for online travel agencies and tour operators. Contact ANIXE today to unlock new quality and significantly increase your sales opportunities.


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