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25 JUL 2022

Why your OTA can't compete with if you are still manually mapping hotel rooms

Deduplication (for multi source platforms) and providing information in a structured form is an absolute must nowadays. Nobody has time to look through the same objects and wonder why there are differences in price and standard of rooms.

To help you are companies that offer systems supporting ordering based on deduplication mechanisms and intelligent algorithms. And have a significant effect on the quality of services and products presented by an OTA. However, there are still some OTAs that do not use these powerful tools, and this is holding them back. They know that mapping hotel rooms is a tedious job, but to meet their customers' needs and to get their inventory to market it's a necessary job.

The biggest names in the industry have already made the switch to automated room-type mapping, and if your OTA doesn't, you will lose market share. Plain and simple. So, if you aspire to be a market disrupter and take on the giant OTAs, here is why you need automatic room-type mapping.

Time, time, time
Hotel suppliers are constantly adding to and changing the properties and room-types they offer. On top of that, the same combination of hotel and room-type can be offered by several suppliers with different names and prices. The consequence for you is that before you can offer them to your customers, you need to map them manually - this causes a costly delay in time-to-market and will hurt your business's ability to fight back against the industry giants. Imagine being able to offer the freshest hotel rooms as they become available and how much time your employees will save by completely eradiating manual mapping

Variety is the spice of life
For a second, think about the number of new bookable properties added to the market each week. Headache inducing, isn't it? When you have to map each one of them manually, it can seem like a mountain to climb. But, automated mapping is like flying to the top of the mountain in a helicopter; cheating you say? Well, efficiency is king. So this means you will have a wider variety of products to offer your customers. Much more than is possible by manual mapping alone.

We are only human
Humans make mistakes; we all do. Unfortunately, manually mapping hotel rooms will lead to errors and inconsistencies, ultimately affecting your revenues and customer satisfaction. By automating the task of mapping, you will ensure that your offers are consistent and accurate, your customers will be happier, and your compensation payments will be lower.

Decision time
Making decisions on which areas of your business to automate is tiring. However, the fact remains that you are putting yourself at a massive disadvantage if you don't automate room mapping. There is no value lost in the process and cost of manual labour, loss in sales, lower competitiveness, and correcting mistakes will reduce your market share and allow the giants like to push everyone out of the market.

At ANIXE, we believe in growing digital travel. We give you the tools to take the fight to the industry's top dogs, creating a fairer marketplace for all. Automatic room-type mapping is one of many weapons in the war on monopolistic-minded OTAs.

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