06 JUL 2023

Work and Adventure - Tips from Weronika, the Workcation Enthusiast

Here at ANIXE, you have the opportunity to work remotely from your dream location for two weeks. This opens up possibilities to work from the beach or by the lake! Many of us have eagerly embraced this chance to explore the world, fuelled by our deep love for traveling. Now, let's delve into some tips from Weronika, an avid enthusiast of Workcation, on how to effectively balance work and exploration while enjoying this incredible experience.

What were your workcation beginnings like?

Embarking on this adventure, I set foot in numerous destinations. It all started in the vibrant land of Spain, where I immersed myself in the culture. From there, my wanderlust took me to the captivating shores of Korea, the idyllic Canary Islands, the historical streets of Athens, and the romantic allure of Paris. I've always been more drawn to the rhythm of cities than the borders of countries.

So, what do you seek on these expeditions?

I am the type of individual who craves genuine connections and revels in the cultural tapestry of each country I visit. For me, workcations are an opportunity to dive headfirst into the local scene, embracing vibrant events and engaging meetups. The beauty of these encounters often blossoms into lasting friendships, becoming the most treasured souvenirs from my journeys. Amidst your travels, what has proven to be your greatest challenge? Luckily, my superiors were unfazed by my whereabouts, as remote work was the norm. Yet, the perplexing puzzle of time zones became an intriguing obstacle. It was during my time in Korea that I encountered this curious dance between time and work, albeit with a fortunate twist—the early morning hours rather than the midnight darkness. Thus, my days took on a unique rhythm: mornings devoted to exploration, and only in the afternoon, around 2 p.m., did I find myself settling into work mode.

When it comes to choosing the perfect destination, what factors sway your decision?

Choosing the ideal backdrop for a workcation is an art in itself, dependent on our desires and opportunities. If the freedom of a car beckons or the thrill of renting one tempts you, then secluded havens hidden away, like woodland cottages or mountaintop retreats, might hold an irresistible allure. However, for someone like me, without a car and devoid of the need to drive, urban landscapes boasting well-connected public transportation systems are my top picks. Hence, my heart is perpetually drawn to the vibrant tapestry of cities. Alas, certain destinations, such as remote islands or parts of the United States, may not offer the convenience of efficient public transit. Thus, it is essential for each of us to reflect on what truly matters and what we seek to gain from our workcation escapades. Personally, I find myself yearning for the cozy embrace of small towns, where simplicity dances hand in hand with authenticity. But remember, it ultimately depends on one's own desires and aspirations. For those seeking solace and long, meandering hikes, perhaps a charming forest cabin or a peaceful hammock swinging beneath palm trees may hold the key to tranquillity. The choice is as unique as the individual making it.

Why is embarking on a workcation worth every moment?

The true essence lies in the transformative power of shifting our perspective. It allows us to glimpse life from a fresh, unencumbered vantage point, transcending our usual boundaries. In the grand tapestry of travel, workcations serve as invaluable teachers, nurturing personal growth and broadening our understanding of the world. They provide us with a profound sense of enlightenment and appreciation.

How would you describe the communication within your team?

The communication within my team focuses on getting to know colleagues and discussing the most efficient ways of collaboration. We prioritize face-to-face meetings as they help build trust and provide a solid foundation for successful remote work. Additionally, I plan my tasks based on project milestones and commit to deadlines. This approach offers me flexibility and ensures that the job will be completed. From my perspective, I don't see a substantial difference between working from home just five minutes away from the office and working from abroad. The key requirement is to set up a comfortable workspace regardless of the location.

Any words of wisdom to share?

Before setting foot in your chosen haven, ensure the presence of a reliable internet connection. Trust me, I've learned the hard way. The cornerstone of successful remote work lies in the stability and speed of your online tether. Hence, I make it a priority to investigate and ascertain the availability of a robust internet infrastructure at my potential abode. Remember, not all lands boast the same internet prowess as Poland. In my travels, I've encountered instances where the Spanish web gracefully meandered at a more leisurely pace. Therefore, a dependable connection becomes the lifeline that sustains our workcation dreams.


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