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31 JUL 2023

Work and Adventure vol 2 - Tips from Ania the wanderlust soul

Yearning to escape the office routine? But no holiday days left? Don't worry! Workcations is the answer for wanderlust souls like you! Curious about what it's all about? Meet Ania, workcations enthusiast, who will share her experiences and tips for your first workaction. Get ready to embrace a world of adventure while keeping your job intact!

How many times have you combined traveling with work so far?

A few times already, maybe 3 or 4. Currently, it was for shorter trips, but there was one longer trip as well. When it comes to choosing a place, it has always been about choosing where I want to go on vacation or explore. However, I definitely consider internet connection speed and reliability, as it's crucial for work.

Can you tell us about some of the destinations you've chosen for workcations?

Certainly! I've chosen various places for workcations. Some of them include the Polish coast, Lake Lubie, Germany, and Lithuania. These destinations offered a mix of natural beauty and interesting work opportunities.

Have any of your travel experiences influenced your professional development?

Absolutely! The opportunity to combine work with sightseeing or relaxation in nature is incredibly valuable. In our industry, I can also evaluate the operation of hotels or hostels firsthand, which is beneficial for workcations. For example, during a visit to Lithuania, I had the chance to meet one of ANIXE clients, and we've maintained a great professional relationship since then.

Do you have any advice or tips for individuals who are new to planning workcations?

Certainly! One important aspect is to ensure that the planned destination has reliable internet coverage since it's crucial for remote work. Additionally, consider the external conditions for working with a laptop. While you have more freedom, such as working at a desk or even in a hammock, having a quiet and dedicated space for focused work is also worth considering.

Integrating travel and work sounds intriguing. What are the benefits you've experienced by combining the two?

Integrating travel and work offers great support for personal and professional development. It allows us to be flexible and adapt quickly when needed, especially in locations with better internet coverage. Moreover, the opportunity to meet new people and share experiences along the way is truly priceless.

When are you expecting your next workcation?

As soon as I return to work after my maternity leave, I plan to start organizing my next workcation. I'm thinking of combining snowboarding with remote work at the beginning of next year. It's an exciting prospect!

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