Maks, a developer at ANIXE.
30 APR 2019

Working together on one big project: a developer’s life in ANIXE

“For me, it is crucial to know that I have a real influence on my project”, Says Maks, who has been working at ANIXE for nearly six years. This time has been a constant process of self-development for Maks. Discover some of the other reasons why it is worth working at ANIXE.

What, from a developer's perspective, is the most appealing part for you at ANIXE?

I particularly value the unique atmosphere at ANIXE and the opportunity to work with experts from whom I can learn a lot. ANIXE gives me lots of opportunities to constantly develop my skills. And thanks to the feedback sessions, I am given the opportunity to design a unique development path matching my skills and expectations; therefore, I'm constantly self-developing. For me, it is crucial to know that I have a real influence on my project, e.g. during the monthly meetings where we summarise the next stages of the team's work, I have an opportunity to share my ideas.

What does a typical developer’s day look like at ANIXE?

We work in accordance with the Scrum methodology; therefore, meetings with a Product Owner, Team Leader and other developers are our main daily routine. Every day, we solve technical problems together and develop and make code review. We are also open to what other team members have to say because we are working together on one big project.

In which language do you program?

Before I started my adventure at ANIXE, I worked as a programmer in the language C #, but at ANIXE, I started working with RUBY. It is a very nice language when it comes to syntax, so I quickly learned it and found that I liked it very much. Although recently, I changed projects and returned to programming in C #. In the future, I would also like to learn Rust.

Why do you value your work at ANIXE?

At ANIXE, I can change project teams as well as programming languages. This is a big advantage, especially since we usually work on long-term projects. Thanks to the fact that I can transfer myself to other teams meant that I didn't become tired of working at ANIXE for the last six years; on the contrary, I'm constantly developing my skills.

I also like the fact that ANIXE has a culture of sharing knowledge, and I am talking here about more than just internal events and training. I have the pleasure of working with people who really are experts in their field and are also very helpful. When I have any doubts or a technical problem, I can always count on someone from my team to help me. I really like the fact that we solve new problems together. It also gives us the opportunity to learn new things and see how other developers approach the same topic. This is especially clear to me now that I have switched teams. After a long pause in writing in the language C #, I have huge support from my current team leader, who understands the situation and shows me the language from a very different perspective.

How has ANIXE changed over the last few years?

Starting from the fact that we have moved from our old office to a more modern one, I can also see that the organizational culture has changed. Previously, we were a group of ambitious people with a common programming goal. Now, the goals are still the same, and our ambitions have not diminished, but we are more organized and systematized; plus, there are significantly more of us now.

Do you have any advice for novice programmers?

The key thing you must remember is that the most important person in the software development process is the client. For the client, the most important aspect is that the application fulfils their requirements. That's why the correctness of the code is more important than its purity. On the other hand, this fact does not excuse programmers from the obligation of writing code that is clear and has a well-thought-out structure. This kind of code makes application development easier and less "risky".

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