Hotel Cache Data, Scanning ANIXE
27 JUN 2019

Cached Data - Why do you need it? What if your hotel supplier cannot provide it?

The usage of cached data in the travel industry is an inherited practice from the Legacy era. Before cloud computing allowed us to store, manage, share and transfer huge amounts of data very quickly and efficiently, companies managed data very differently. Local copies of the same data were replicated across systems that communicated with one another in the same network. And in this way, hotel price and availability information was communicated from the source (the hotel) to the consumer, or the customer facing agent.

Major travel tech providers built their environments based on cached data transfer and replication as early as 50 years ago, and their commercial models based on data volume transfer. Many of these companies have become the major players that dominate the industry today, with enormous data volumes being managed for thousands of high paying customers.

The clear benefits of using hotel cached data are super fast response times and static packaging. Things to consider are data quality and associated infrastructure costs. At ANIXE we consistently deliver high availability and price accuracy, by allocating the necessary infrastructure setup for our clients.

So, what if a particular hotel supplier cannot provide an offline data dump in any format?

At ANIXE, we have a solution! We can scan the supplier’s API using your credentials, and create the cached data for you! Using definable parameters our algorithm runs a 24h automation that directs concurrent searches to the supplier’s API, building the cached data in the process.

Snapshots of this cached data are then exported to our clients’ systems at an agreed upon frequency, usually depending on the frequency enforced by the distribution partner.

We can deliver the cached data in various offline formats that meet the standards of major markets, or the specific needs of our clients. Our proprietary ARI format is very lightweight, comprehensive, and human readable. It comes in various flavors to suit different requirements.

Need cache?. You’re at the right place!


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