Covid-19 - ANIXE is here to support you
27 MAR 2020

ANIXE is here to support you

Dear friends and partners!
Today we write these words with a heavy heart and troubled mind. The Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) has put the entire world on pause. Millions of ruined travel plans all over the world…

Flights are globally on halt, save a few brave airlines that continue to operate some routes like Emirates Airlines, and we don’t expect that to last. The number of people willing to travel is dwindling, and it’s becoming more difficult for tour operators to sustain sales, even for longer booking windows. As opposed to what most of us had assumed, the Coronavirus isn’t affected by hot weather. So hopes of traveling this summer are beginning to fade.

A domino effect is taking its toll on global industry and the global economy. Airlines, tour operators, DMCs, bed banks and whole salers, channel managers, hotels, excursion companies, transportation companies; everyone is - perhaps for the first time ever - in the same boat, in a very literal sense. And for the first time, all our individual actions clearly and tangibly affect the welfare and lives of everyone, everywhere.

These difficult times have brought us closer together, made us think about the bigger picture; the Earth and the state its in, healthcare systems and how unequipped we are to handle pandemics, family and human relationships…and last but not least, technology and how important it is in today’s day and age.

Technology is allowing us to maintain communication, allowing our kids to attend virtual classes, allowing us to share critical information to curb the spread of this virus and last but not least…helping us sustain our sanity, spreading good news, giving hope, showing the brighter side of the picture. We’ve inadvertently stopped harming our planet. We see clearer skies, greener lands and we see nature coming back to claim its territory. Wild animals roam city streets, dolphins and swans swim in canals and rivers as we enter a surreal state of co-existence. Perhaps we can learn to co-exist, to take better care of our planet, our health and our hygiene. Perhaps we can spend more time with our families and loved ones, and still have time to work. Perhaps this isn’t all bad after all. Perhaps humanity needed a wake-up call, a reset button.

And, whenever this is over we’ll all have a better understanding of our responsibilities, of what is really important and of how important it is to enjoy life. Really enjoy it. We will dedicate significant time to the basic things we commonly took for granted. We’ll assign our priorities according to our personal values and we’ll be more grateful for everything we have.

We expect that people will be so hungry to travel, the world will see the biggest hotel overbooking of all time. Surviving travel companies will acquire lost market shares, consolidate businesses and satisfy the huge consumer demand.

How can travel tech systems help tour operators in these difficult times? We encourage you to read our articles and contact us directly. Our team is here to support you around the clock. Let’s work together to manage the best of this situation. Stay safe and stay strong!


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