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20 MAY 2019

Resfinity’s Supplier Management - Control your booking source

Supplier Management is a unique function, found nowhere else in the market. It is one of those functions that creates an immediate competitive advantage for modern tour operators and OTAs, and is a key factor in determining supplier response times. This no doubt has significant impact on the profitability of the business.

Simply put, Supplier Management allows tour operators and OTAs to direct queries, and in turn bookings, to a specific source per country, city and hotel. Using a web based interface the ANIXE customer can specify which suppliers will be allowed to respond to queries on each level of geographical hierarchy as mentioned above. The user interface utilises very friendly checkbox and drag & drop functionality.

The tool can be used to drive bookings towards specific suppliers in selected destinations to reach override goals, ultimately increasing profitability. It can also be used to drive bookings to one’s direct contracts, in countries, cities and hotels were it is certain that the direct contracts are competitive - with higher profit margins.

In other cases certain suppliers may have global product coverage, but not a matching price advantage across the board. The ANIXE customer can avoid unnecessary traffic to these suppliers who are not able to offer attractive prices in certain destinations.

Restricting suppliers that are allowed to respond across geo layers also affects response times positively. Less parallel queries are being sent to a smaller number of suppliers, making for faster responses. It basically means that we can avoid the unnecessary traffic and cost towards the customer.

Finally we have Supplier Preference settings, which basically allow the customer to override the inherent price calculation. Meaning, it doesn’t matter what price the supplier delivers. If supplier X is available, then make it respond. If not, then supplier Y (regardless of price) and so on.

In short, Supplier Management is a highly advanced product management tool for macro/micro managing your hotel sourcing, and streamlining your overall performance, efficiency and conversion to bookings.


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