Resfinity Yield Optimiser - Want to improve your profit margin?
27 MAY 2019

Resfinity Yield Optimiser - Want to improve your profit margin?

Want to sit back, do nothing and make money out of thin air? Impossible you say? This isn’t a get rich quick scheme, and it isn’t a pyramid scam.

Several years ago, our architects put something together that does just that. Resfinity Yield Optimiser is a unique ANIXE automation that runs silently in the background and makes money for our customers, with zero effort or interaction.

Resfinity Yield Optimiser checks confirmed hotel bookings between the time of booking and the time of check-in, then compares in real time the same parameters across all connected suppliers, looking for a better deal. If better conditions are found the system will rebook and cancel the old booking, delivering pure profit to the ANIXE customer.

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A set of configurable parameters control the process. The user can define how many days prior to check-in Yield Optimiser should run, the frequency of the operation, the minimum acceptable variance and supplier preference

Eg. Start checking 2 months prior to arrival, every week and only optimise if the new price is 10 euro cheaper. Check in order of priority suppliers X, Y and Z only.

The Yield Optimiser also takes cancellation policies into consideration, and includes the cancellation amount if present in the variance calculation. The ANIXE customer will then receive regular reports showing optimised bookings and the margins gained.

So, this is what we call a no-brainer. Every travel company needs the Yield Optimiser!


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