Expedia Partner Solutions (EPS), ANIXE Platinium Supplier
21 JAN 2020

Expedia Partner Solutions as exclusive Platinum Partner 2020

We are very pleased to announce that Expedia Partner Solutions has achieved the status of ANIXE Platinum Partner for 2020.

ANIXE’s Supplier Partnership Program is an initiative combining some of the best features of several affiliate programs across different industries. To achieve the exclusive tier of Platinum status, partners must meet multiple criteria, including the scope and quality of the collaboration, generated financial turnover, professionalism of services and unrivalled brand reputation and status.

Based on monitoring and finetuning operational and commercial performance, the focus is not only tech driven, but also involves rigorous promotional activities throughout the year that highlight the common differentiators of both companies, paving the way to an even bigger, brighter future.

Through the Supplier Partnership Program, ANIXE is able to give special attention to those partners which are willing to dedicate additional effort and time to growing their business together. The technical benefits depend on the type of integration, but include features such as mapping, response time monitoring and cached data validation.

Expedia Partner Solutions (EPS) is a global B2B partnership brand within Expedia Group which powers the business of leading airlines, top consumer brands, travel agencies and thousands of other partners. EPS unlocks the power of Expedia Group through its versatile API Rapid, online template solutions and powerful agent tools, working with businesses from 72 countries worldwide. Through EPS Rapid, ANIXE offers its partners a rich inventory, with access to over 600,000 accommodations and over 650,000 promotional rates, as well as valuable last-minute booking availability.

Piotr Żołnierek, CEO, ANIXE, says: “EPS’s mission to work relentlessly to fuel its partners’ growth through world-leading technology aligns perfectly with our own, which is why we have recognized them as a Platinum Partner for 2020. The team at EPS are agile and extremely knowledgeable, with great communication skills. The year-on-year growth is jaw-dropping and we are excited about the extensive possibilities with EPS. This is just the beginning!

Fritz Oberhummer, Director, Account Management Platforms - EMEA, Expedia Partner Solutions, says: “ANIXE is an EPS Certified Tech Partner, which is a short list of the very best tech platforms available across the world. For EPS to be recognized in return as an ANIXE Platinum Partner is a real honor. We look forward to our continued close relationship and to promoting growth for ANIXE and its valued partners through innovation and the latest travel technology.



ANIXE is a leading travel technology provider specialized in third-party hotel supplier aggregation and distribution, accelerated search and response, offline rate and availability exports in various formats, hotel and room type automated mapping and high data load and traffic management. On the market for twenty years, ANIXE’s solid reputation and pioneering technology continue to draw clients from around the world. ANIXE’s vision is to connect the travel market across all corners of the globe, to facilitate efficient travel trade for buyers and sellers everywhere.

About Expedia Partner Solutions

Expedia® Partner Solutions (EPS) is a global B2B partnership brand within Expedia Group. EPS powers the business of leading airlines, top consumer brands, travel agencies and thousands of other partners through its versatile API, online template solutions and powerful agent tools.


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