Gulf Air ANIXE - 2020.03
10 MAR 2020

Gulf Air - new mobile application functionalities now available.

Gulf Air, the national carrier of the Kingdom of Bahrain, is working extensively with ANIXE, a leading provider of travel technology, to expand its mobile application for iOS and Android. The app, piloted last year on Apple AppStore and Google Play Store, has recently undergone several modifications. That means that Gulf Air customers can now engage in a better overall travel experience from the palm of their hand.

The latest app update by ANIXE engineers has made many useful changes to the app, in particular:

The architecture has been improved now includes latest native phone-specific technologies. As a result, the Gulf Air mobile application has been given mechanisms to support operations in the situation of a quality decrease of the end user’s network connections.

The user flow of applications has been further perfected. Users highly acclaim the clarity of the improved interface and easier login with simplified but equally effective user verification.

The responsiveness of application has significantly increased. Due to the use of modern techniques, the speed of software operation has also increased. Users will encounter experience the imrpoved speeds when searching for airports from a mobile phone.

Higher versatility of promotional activities is another development. By utilizing all these new features, Gulf Air has gained the ability to create more robust promotional actions and discounts that are more precise for users using the mobile application as opposed to other shopping channels.

A wider range of statistics is now available. Levering on the new modifications, Gulf Air has obtained more comprehensive aggregated data on application users’ preferences and complete analysis of their needs.

The mobile application is a living organism, and the range of possibilities is expanded on a regular basis. The app is developed in constant cooperation with Bahrain’s carrier so that the implemented solutions are consistent with business aspects and the direction of its development.

ANIXE engineers give us comfort and confidence that our goals and dreams are put into practice, providing our customers with comfort already at the stage of choosing and buying an airline ticket.” - says Mohammed Isa Amralla, Digital Development Manager, Gulf Air

Cooperation with Gulf Air gives us a lot of satisfaction. We are glad to have a partner, who focuses on the quality of implemented solutions, as well as on following digital trends. That is also aligned with ANIXE’s mission so that the developed solutions for airlines with which we equip the core of the Resfinity Air system can be immediately implemented in Bahrain’s national carrier”. - says Mikolaj Kochanski, Airline Project Manager at ANIXE.


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