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11 MAR 2019

Tech talk with ANIXE – Summary of ITB 2019.

It all goes by so fast, doesn’t it? With back-to-back meetings and barely enough time for toilet breaks, the 3-day long, packed schedule flew by at the speed of light. Efficiency at its finest if we do say so ourselves.

This year we felt a much larger demand for our product. Companies are clearly willing to spend more on tech, and have realised that cheap solutions are short lived.

It turns out that our clients and partners are our strongest advocates, and word of mouth our most effective marketing tool. The key take is… invest in people, not companies. No company runs without good people. And who doesn’t want good people as friends?

We thank all you great people for the fun and good vibes you bring to our lives. We love you.

Work hard, party smart! :)


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