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07 MAY 2019

Resfinity Z – The revolution is coming

One system to rule them all. That is after all the end objective, isn’t it?

Resfinity Z is the result of over 300,000 hours of work put in by our development teams since the start of the project in 2016.

Resfinity Z intends to revolutionize the travel industry’s business process management… for everyone. Tour operators, OTAs, DMCs, Hotels, Airlines. With 10 teams and 80 ANIXIANS driving the project – giving it all their dedication and passion, Resfinity Z is the one. The one to replace them all.

Resfinity Z will be rolled out at the end of 2019, with over 4000 users across 20 countries using the platform from day 1. The seamless, wholly inclusive nature of the Resfinity Z platform will present a formidable tool for the arsenals of modern, dynamic travel companies. Those companies that care to join us on our Mission to Mars… beyond legacy systems, blue screens and comfort zones… to where no man has gone before.

The last few years at ANIXE have been characterized by incredible growth, backstopped by the creation of an international infrastructure department that now manages over 150 physical servers, and 500 Virtual Machines in cooperation with four of the world’s largest hosting companies. Combined, ANIXE’s infrastructure now handles over 3mil bookings a year for partner companies. The company’s massive infrastructure investment allows for endless scalability, solid performance, and stability.

Remarkably, bookings through ANIXE increased by 43% last year in comparison to the year before, strengthening customer retention and trust towards the ANIXE product and the people behind it.

2018 also saw the launch of ANIXE’s Hotel Extranet (HX) and gradual adoption by over 400 hotels. The tool presents clear differentiation through several never-seen-before functionalities, and now successfully delivers hotel rate and availability data to over 5mil users every hour. That translates to more than 3 billion daily hotel searches. Now as we look to the future ANIXE consciously dedicates 80% of all its resources and people to Resfinity Z and all related future projects, intent on preempting the market’s trends and following through with the company’s vision.

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