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10 JUN 2019

Resfinity’s ACLR8ed Fast Search - response times are crucial for your booking conversion

In today’s day and age a few seconds is too long to wait. The incredible advance of technology we’ve witnessed over the past decade has taught us not to wait for things we’re looking to consume. Instant gratification is the name of the game, and if you are a service provider you’ve got to match those expectations.

ACLR8 is an innovative ANIXE technology based on caching and storing hotel price and availability data in a super fast read-only server based environment, ideal for OTAs, bedbanks, DMCs and wholesalers. ACLR8 is able to handle meta traffic with up to tens of thousands of requests per minute.

aclr8 fast search anixe 2a

When your customers search for their next holiday the request hits our ACLR8 servers, which calculate the best available offer in real time and serve the response…all within a few milliseconds. This also reduces traffic significantly to your API, and drastically improves your look-to-book ratio, in turn reducing your hosting costs.

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Don’t wait! Time is money. Get in touch now.

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