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30 JUL 2019

Controlling your distribution is crucial to your success

Are you a travel professional who sells to different types of customers, different markets, various agents and sub-agents, corporate, leisure and group travel? Do you want to maximize your sales and profit margins? Manage different mark-up and commission policies, based on different business rules? Too complicated to describe, and even more to put into practice…isn’t it? Not with Resfinity. Sales and distribution management has never been easier, with you in the driver’s seat and in complete control over every facet of the process.

The idea is simple. You should be able to manage your sales partners individually and in groups through a set of parameters such as type, size, location, product, travel-type that can be used to create groups of sales partners.

Eg. Medium sized travel agencies in Milan – Italy, selling family holidays to North America can be a group of sales partners.

The benefit of managing groups is efficiency. Macro managing a group of sales partners means saving time. You would create your mark-up or commission policy only once for the group instead of individually for every sales partner in the group or Sales Profile.

Once you’ve created your Sales Profiles they can now be managed as you would an individual sales partner. Apart from mark-ups and commissions you would assign sales currencies, content language, hotel portfolio, credit limits, available suppliers, supplier preference, hotel preference and much more.

Resfinity’s Sales Profiles will empower your business and enable you to stay ahead of your competition.

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