ACLR8ed Fast Search

Resfinity ACLR8 takes you into the big leagues with an API that enables you to sell to the world’s biggest OTAs without expensive infrastructure upgrades. The lightweight ACLR8 API handles hundreds of thousands of requests per minute for you.  

It's your golden ticket to a once-exclusive party.  

Resfinity ACLR8 is a cache based API that allows suppliers to handle heavy web traffic requests from the world's biggest Online Travel Agencies and Tour Operators. Smart suppliers don't need to invest in expensive new infrastructure anymore; you just need to ACLR8.

The lightweight ACLR8 API handles hundreds of thousands of requests per minute for you. Your current system would explode under the pressure of so many requests, but the biggest travel retailers demand it.    

So how does it do it?

Once we connect ACLR8 to your system, it takes a snapshot of your current offers and hosts them on our powerful servers, which can handle the heavy traffic coming from the world's biggest OTAs.

ANIXE has already established connections with some of the biggest operators, inventory management and distribution platforms in travel retail, so not only will you be able to handle their requests, but we will actively promote you as a supplier to them. ACLR8 is the barrier breaker which will allow your offers to compete on the world's biggest stage; the only question is... Why haven’t you got it yet?

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Why do you need it?

  • Supersonic Search Speeds

    Your offers will appear on OTAs' websites instantly. In the big leagues, speed is crucial, and ACLR8 can push your offers to retailers in mere milliseconds. Can your current system do that?.
  • Higher traffic, lower costs

    By using ACLR8, you won't need to invest in heavy server infrastructure to handle hundreds of thousands of requests.
  • Access to more markets and meta searches

    Web traffic demands of the biggest travel marketplaces and meta search platforms are exhausting, but potential customers make those requests, so being able to handle them will allow you to make more sales. Way more sales.
  • Plug and play

    Your current system might not be able to handle hundreds of thousands of requests per minute, but it doesn't have to. All we need is to integrate your API, and ACLR8 it. Then, your offers are ready to go.
  • Ultimate Scalability

    Our system is flexible, meaning when you expand, we can accommodate your growth easily. Our pricing structure allows you to increase or decrease your web traffic limits whenever you need. So, you don't need to worry that your company will require infrastructure upgrades if you get big; just think about what you will do with all the extra revenue.
  • Focus on your best sellers

    You have the choice of which hotel offers we store on our servers. You don't have to pay for traffic for your non-performing offers. You can focus on the pick of the litter—the ones you want the world to see.

Why choose ANIXE?

  • ANIXE can offer you access to the world's biggest travel retailers, inventory and distribution platforms.
  • Our business model works so that when you grow, we grow. Use our industry experience to get ahead of your competitors. It's a win-win.
  • We can offer you flexibility where investment in infrastructure can't. Increase and decrease your traffic limits as you please.
  • We have done this before, many times before. Our implementation team can handle anything, and nothing will surprise them.

We know that, for suppliers, the biggest barrier to selling to leading Online Travel Agencies and Tour Operators is the cost of web traffic infrastructure. But you have the products people want, so why should they go without them? Well, they don't have to anymore.

ACLR8 is effectively a sledgehammer to break down those barriers allowing everyone to compete equally. As a result, you are no longer priced out. So, what's your excuse? If you would like more information and a demonstration of how ACLR8 works, waste no time in contacting our sales team today!

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