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Resfinity AIR – Internet Booking Solutions 
for Airlines

ANIXE’S Resfinity Air Platform is a technologically advanced, online retail and distribution platform. It is built to provide intuitive shopping experience for airlines’ customers. Of course, you can manage the entire customer journey with our robust business rules. Before we start, we will design and tailor the solutions to your needs.

How Resfinity works for you

With Resfinity, airlines are able to efficiently increase revenue and profit margins. We believe in growing digital travel - the system helped one of our clients to sell over 40% bookings more year to year.

Resfinity is a cloud hosted solution available as Software as a Service which means it is highly scalable providing leading industry uptime. The platform is constantly developed and often overtaking market trends, yet you get the opportunity to implement your own ideas.

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Key Benefits

  • Advanced, modular tool that can be optimized according to your business needs. We offer ready-made modules from which we build a tailor-made solution for an airline, providing them with configuration support, customization and dedicated front-end based on the client’s requirements and stylistics.
  • Short and unrivalled time to market implementation and cost efficiency are among the key benefits that we have designed our solution based on. All this is transparently integrated with the airline’s own portal with the availability of all internal systems and service providers and in consultation with the airline client.
  • Our IBE allows customers to significantly reduce costs. Automated solutions and ANIXEs’ self-service check-in modules almost completely relieve the workload of cashiers and call centres, allowing you to use the extra human potential in other parts of your business.
  • The quality of your customers’ purchases will be improved. Resfinity can be deeply personalised and its functionalities and behaviours are determined by the advanced configuration and rule engine solution within the Admin Tool.
  • The system can easily be integrated with 3rd party systems of an airline choosing: GDS’ / pricing and availability services / payment service providers/ product and transaction providers - further systems and solutions might also be easily integrated. We guarantee a wide selection of connectivity to the host system or PSS systems, price and availability suppliers (including PROS, Google ITA, Amadeus, Sabre).
  • We are hands-on with providers’ relationship management and will help you overcome commercial or technical hurdles with new provider connectivity, and current provider migration. The system provides the opportunity to utilize multiple providers, which can have a significant impact on the reduction of transaction costs.
  • Seasonal promotions or other spontaneous price modifications will no longer be a problem for you. Our calculation and discount engine allow the airline to build its own pricing policy depending on the market, time or other criteria, which will allow our customer to achieve a higher turnover and build the expected loyalty of the desired group of customers. Any change is immediately visible on the IBE and all price modifiers are calculated as a % or a flat rate.
  • We allow airlines to generate additional profits in a seamless and effortless way, which has a significant impact on their efficiency. Thanks to intelligent suggestion algorithms and the extensive functions of the Ancillary & Merchandising module, the customer is able to effectively offer its passengers additional products of their own and from the product catalogue or integrated providers.
  • We introduce a range of solutions for effortless & accurate self-servicing, automating and distressing call centre workload. As a result, customers have less undercharged reservations, can use familiar forms of payment and eventual refunds can be performed as a voucher.
  • We are partners and advisors to our clients to help them develop their business. Our true core product is, however, not the IBEs itself, but the bookings we deliver to our customers.

What distinguishes us on the market?

  • High level of service uptime - which directly influences the revenue.
  • Exhaustive customization options.
  • Modern and user-friendly interfaces designed according to your needs.
  • Comprehensive service from business analysis through implementation to post-sales customer support and proactive e-business consultancy.

ANIXE is a leading travel technology provider specialized in custom integration with different providers, in extracting and advanced offer processing and distribution through different distribution channels. Our front-ends are proved highly effective in terms of sales. They are friendly, responsive, modern and dynamic. On the market for twenty years ANIXE’s solid reputation and pioneering technology continues to draw clients from around the world. ANIXE’s vision is to connect the travel market across all corners of the globe, to facilitate efficient travel trade for buyers and sellers everywhere.

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