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ANIXE is not just an offering for travel agents and tour operators, it is also a technology support partner for hotel listing providers.  
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How Resfinity works for you

Cache-based markets are among the most profitable markets in the world. Suppliers hoping to have a greater presence in travel markets such as Germany, France, The Netherlands, and China need an effective way to build high-quality cache data. In these markets it is a basic distribution requirement.

Using Cache data also makes your system super-fast. Many online retailers have a 2-second cut-off time for supplier response times. If your system is too slow, your offering isn’t shown to end consumers. ANIXE’s ACLR8 ensures instant responses to your clients’ searches, guaranteeing more eyes on your product without the need for any infrastructure upgrades.

ANIXE holds the keys to unlocking these opportunities for you, but it doesn’t end there. We can create a customised cache data export of your offering and deliver it directly to our 1000+ worldwide travel distribution partners.

Integration with our partners is ready and waiting for you to plug in. So, what are you waiting for?

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Hotel Extranet - It’s time to digitise your travel company

HX is a platform connecting suppliers directly to hotels and channel managers. It is a multi-faceted approach that enables e.g. DMCs to sign direct static hotel contracts and maintain, edit, and update dynamic hotel rates coming in through channel managers.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to tap into the high-profit potential of travel producers worldwide and cache-based travel markets.

Key Benefits

  • Access to cache-based markets

    - Present your offering to key global customers and markets such as Germany, France, The Netherlands, and China.
  • Extended distribution channels

    - Expand through established channels. ANIXE's network of 1000+ travel retailers offers wider reach and growth opportunities.
  • ACLR8 = Success

    - Faster performance, crisp responses and guaranteed product visibility with ANIXE's ACLR8 technology.
  • Hotel Extranet gives you the ability to enter your direct hotel contracts in the Resfinity Platform

    – allowing for discounts, supplements, allocation management and the possibility of much further complexity.
  • Live Monitoring

    - Get notified about booking failures instantly, as well as receive access to live dashboards that give you an unparalleled view of your company's progress.
  • Partnership program

    - Get exclusive benefits based on your kickback contribution volume. The more bookings you make, the better the benefits.

Key benefits:

  • We are the number one builder and supplier of cache data exports in the travel industry
  • Access to our vast distribution network of over 1000 travel retailers
  • ACLR8 Booster
  • Partnership program

More access, more visibility, more distribution, more profits. Your company could be doing so much more. Simple integration with ANIXE will open up more of the world to you, so don’t settle for less, get in touch for more information today!

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ANIXE is a leading travel technology provider specialized in third-party Hotel supplier aggregation and distribution, accelerated search and response, offline rate and availability exports in various formats, hotel and room type automated mapping and high data load and traffic management. On the market for twenty years ANIXE's solid reputation and pioneering technology continues to draw clients from around the world. ANIXE's vision is to connect the travel market across all corners of the globe, to facilitate efficient travel trade for buyers and sellers everywhere.

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