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ResfinityDMC – the operating system for DMCs

Resfinity DMC supports, organizes, improves and integrates all processes within the ongoing operational work of DMC.

Utilizing efficient interfaces and functionality, centralized data, process automation and seamless integration with external platforms for sourcing and distribution Resfinity DMC is a fully comprehensive, powerful tool.

Built on a reliable infrastructure ready to handle enormous amounts of data in the real time, Resfinity DMC promises impressive performance and attention to detail.

How Resfinity works for you

Resfinity DMC is about managing complex travel products portfolio supporting dynamic and static sourcing of own and 3rd party products. Contracting never was so simple and error free as you just model your agreement within the system, print it and sign it with your partners – and the contract is effective immediately.

“DMC” gives you for macro/micro product & distribution management, tailored for both efficiency and speed as well as detailed exception management. Distribution module gives ultimate control over how and to whom you sell your product (own and third party) through digital channels.

Resfinity DMC - Allows you to automate operations and logistics with your predefined business rules. Plan your operations digitally for improved performance.

Importantly, you know your performance all the way. Finance will also stop being difficult. Everything you buy, sell and deliver is seamlessly accounted for using the same sets of data as planning, distribution and operations. On request we can integrate Resfinity DMC with accounting or invoicing system of your choice.


Your processes - under the control of Resfinity:

  • Sourcing - View data from all areas that are fully integrated into one system (incl. hotels, transfers, excursions). In one place you will have access to all available offers and sales options. If necessary, we can scan supplier offers and permanently produce data from a cache for you.
  • Yielding - You will see if you have enough offers, rooms and when to stop selling. Performance and sales profile management and monitoring of markups and performance. Ability to deliver offers with the right mapping.
  • Distribution - a digital window through which you can offer your product portfolio and monitor the performance of your customers. Exports are easy to set up and compatible with many of the industry’s leading platforms.
  • Reservations - everything you need to manage your sales. You will see customer reservations, amendments, cancellations, and occupancy of your suppliers. This will allow you to make the right decisions about how to proceed.
  • Operations - Plan your logistics and transport operations automatically and effortlessly based on data that already exists in the system and predefined rules. If necessary, you can easily calculate alternative scenarios according to time limits and rules.
  • Finance - easy monitoring, control, and reporting of financial performance. Manage your customers’ credit limits. Automatic reconciliation of purchase and sales invoices and connection to accounting & payment processing systems.

Resfinity DMC system features:

  • Automation – enables you to improve your bottom line by limiting manual labor and eliminating errors, sharing data between processes, and ensuring data coherence from source to service delivery.
  • Processes – boost your efficiency and allow you for the better operational management of your business. This will be possible thanks to several simplifications, the definition of processes and workflows and configurable business rules that are made available in the system.
  • Transparency – the system will fully show you the company’s performance from sourcing to delivery. It will also allow you to precisely manage the performance of your team, clearly showing the areas you need to focus on in order to operate even more efficiently.
  • Cooperation – you get one operational tool with all supported services and automated data exchange. In this environment, you will have all your suppliers and 3rd party data access obtained dynamically and statistically. All this to enable the efficient and flawless provision of services and digital distribution.
  • Teamwork – your teams work together in one, secure environment. Thanks to this, all the effects of their work are immediate and visible to everyone. We guarantee unlimited internal users’ access.
  • Control - due to all processes in one place and user rights based on roles and permissions. All actions are visible and accountable, and the control is possible from the supplier throughout to the clients and delivery.
  • Modularity - so you can enjoy what you need and reduce the complexity of your daily work; the application is seamlessly integrated and has a familiar user interface and experience.
  • Security - with secure data storage and GDPR-compliant managed authorization levels. We proactively monitor system performance and only work with renowned cloud hosting centers.

What distinguishes us on the market?

  • Industry-best supplier integration
  • All source types available (plug & play)
  • Built for heavy search traffic
  • Support for managing suppliers and their performance
  • 24/7 support for clients
  • We are integrated with different platforms
  • We manage a highly scalable cloud-based infrastructure for you
  • We come batteries included

ANIXE is a leading travel technology provider specialized in third-party Hotel supplier aggregation and distribution, accelerated search and response, offline rate and availability exports in various formats, hotel and room type automated mapping and high data load and traffic management. On the market for twenty years ANIXE’s solid reputation and pioneering technology continues to draw clients from around the world. ANIXE’s vision is to connect the travel market across all corners of the globe, to facilitate efficient travel trade for buyers and sellers everywhere.

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