Web & Mobile Development

Web and mobile are what shape your interaction with your customers and is an extension of your brand. We act uncompromisingly, guided primarily by the interests and needs of our client. Thanks to extensive experience in eCommerce projects, our solutions are intuitive, functional, safe, and above all, are tailored to you and your customers’ needs.
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eCommerce Development Solutions

A modern and effective eCommerce tool is the foundation of your business. ANIXE employs cutting edge technologies to maximize your sales, process efficiency and business's profitability. We grow when our clients grow.
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Custom Software Development

It’s great to have a ground-breaking idea, but in the end, it’s all about the execution. Fast and efficient backends, beautiful web applications, and mobile apps that meet the future now are what we live. We have complete creative and engineering teams, supported by experienced project managers who can professionally document, design and create from scratch even the most complex ideas. Your ideas.
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UX/UI Consulting & Design

Experiences shape our lives. Make it best for your customers and employees. Engaging user interfaces catering for efficiency, reaching high conversion rates, and increased sales are our hallmarks. Our designs attract attention and encourage further interaction with the sites. Reduced expenses on engineering, redesign, and maintenance during the whole project’s lifecycle is just a side effect of involving ANIXE’s UX designers early.
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Enterprise Software Development

Efficiency, interoperability, collaboration, efficiency. Scalable software designed for large organization's unique needs. Crafted to automate and streamline processes, increase security, safety and, yes, efficiency. Driven by the data to push your business beyond limits, to reach a whole new scale.
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What distinguishes us on the market?

  • We know what "business-critical" is

    – our eCommerce apps generate billions of euros in turnover for our customers every year and handle thousands of transactions per minute with an availability of 99.9...%.
  • Built to last and evolve

    – open architecture, flexible solution, best tools for the job. Creating a product is just the beginning of a journey. At heart, we are a product company, after all.
  • The one-stop-shop for all that you may need

    – own close-knit teams of software engineers, UX designers, dev-ops, administrators and experiencedproject managers, working with international clients with the best tools and technologies.
  • Help with the entire software cycle

    – from ideation through scoping and delivery to maintenance, quality management, software and hardware operations to... getting back to an infinite loop of ideas and their implementation.
  • The unique experience of integrating the systems

    of challenging industries (f.e. travel suppliers, payment systems etc.) – imagine 50+ different systems engaged in one sales process – each with its own interfaces – and everything delivered sub-second to the customer's browser.
  • Custom applications can be provided in the SaaS model

    – as you may prefer, we can relieve your company from the complexity and hassle of IT management for the systems built by ANIXE.
  • High-quality technological background

    – we have thousands of developed quality eCommerce processes, ready-made modules, libraries and technical solutions that will allow us to provide you with a polished application in unrivalled time.
  • Work the way you preferer

    – we can develop a product for you or be an extension of your team. We prefer agile but interface with waterfall well.
  • High level of service uptime and 24/7 support

    – which directly uplift sales effectiveness of our products

ANIXE is a tech company focused on delivering technologically advanced eCommerce solutions. We were born on the verge of technology and travel. We develop SaaS products and services for the tourism industry - we grow digital travel. Taking a step further, we pre-empt, envision, & develop solutions that shape all our customers' future in many industries - we grow digital commerce.

On the market for 20 years, ANIXE’s solid reputation and pioneering technology continues to draw clients from around the world. ANIXE’s vision is to connect businesses through tech platforms, paving the road for sustained growth.

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