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Building and implementing simple and precise travel technology solutions, we aim to improve business processes, overcome redundancy, optimize efficiency and generally deliver above our clients’ expectations – because we can, and we care.

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Marwan Mazraani, FTI Group Director IT

For many years now, the FTI group has been relying on ANIXE as a key technology partner in the travel industry. Time and again, the ANIXE team has demonstrated their long standing experience and ambition to excel in the fast changing Hospitality domain, taking a real customer value oriented approach in their engagements. As a guru in the area of dynamic sourcing and distribution, ANIXE has what it takes to provide plug-and-play or custom builds that cuts both costs and time to market. What I value most about the ANIXE team is their honesty and their “can do” attitude, a powerful combination in a really dynamic industry.

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A tightly knit family of hard working, dedicated individuals driven by passion, determination and eagerness to achieve. We are agile, fit and resilient and persistently strive towards our set goals. We value family above all else and hold in high regards relationships, transparency, loyalty, trust…and coffee. Lots of coffee! We believe in ethics, integrity, karma and punctuality.

What Do We Do

We deliver relevant technical solutions to improve the business processes and efficiency of travel companies. We specialize in hotel supplier content aggregation & distribution, technical integrations of all colours, shapes and sizes, cached data generation, conversion and export. We integrate various global distribution platforms and connect product suppliers to prospective customers around the world.

Why Do We Do It

Re-engineering how the travel world grows is at the core of our company. We want to make it more efficient, practical, ergonomic and fun for everyone who engages with it, be it a traveler planning his or her next holiday or travel industry professionals managing a business. Legacy systems, redundant processes and comfort zones are contra-evolutionary. Although many of us love our comfort zones, disruption is sometimes the best medicine and the optimum way forward. We believe in positive change even if it speeds towards us at 100mph. So buckle up and enjoy the ride.

How Do We Do It

It all starts with correct and accurate analysis. Getting to the root of your problems is where we set ourselves apart from others. Our talents combine years of experience in both the travel and travel tech industries, which allows us to comprehensively analyze problems and conceptualize solutions that deliver 100% of the commercial and functional requirements, overcoming all challenges along the way.

Resfinity Platform Live Status

Our clients value our transparency which we are keen on always reinstating. Check Resfinity’s performance on our status page to see what we’re up to:

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