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You are unique, so why should your software be like everyone else's?

If your unique business processes define your edge, then why compromise to fit into an off-the-shelf way of doing things? You need to customize a solution that ...
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Patient and determined – Dora Story

“I think the best and most challenging part of being a leader is to always commit to supporting, encouraging and empathizing with the members of the team” – said Dora who works at...
ANIXE Insights: The second wave is slowing down the recovery of the travel sector. Travel market trends 2021

The second wave is slowing down the recovery of the travel sector

After the holiday season which brought a hint of optimism to the travel industry, we now have the second wave of COVID, and it's hitting hard.
travelWorld - The Resfinity Partner

travelWorld - the new player in the global travel market

travelWorld effectively used the current period of industry downturn to optimize its position and offering to its 15 million member strong closed user group...
Gulf Air - Branded Fares

ANIXE technically supports the product revolution of Gulf Air

Today Gulf Air is implementing new branded fares that are designed to meet the changing needs of customers. We are happy to support our long-term partner Gulf Air on this journey...

From a Service Desk specialist to a leader - Adam's story

"Without a culture of sharing knowledge, leading wouldn’t be possible. A large part of the skills I gained was passed on to me by people who had experience in this field. To this day, they are still happy to help me"
ANIXE 4 Gulf Air: Reshopping Automation and technology for the post COVID "new norm"

Reshopping Automation & Technology for The Post COVID "New Norm"

As early as the beginning of March, ANIXE and PROS began conceptual work on the scope of improvements Gulf Air would receive, despite the state of emergency...
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Long-time cooperation - Piotr's story

I spent this time expanding my experience in .NET, C #, and frontend technologies, all under the watchful eye of our Team Leaders. Their mentoring allowed me to develop a lot of my skills Resfinty IBE – powered by Resfinity Engine

Meinpep and ANIXE, announced the beginning of a long-term partnership. This time is a crucial example of how companies can effectively take advantage of the industry’s downturn to...

How A Non-IT Person Can Start Their Career In IT?

I started work as technical support for the project WHEELS. In this way, I learned how the IT environment works and built-up contact with the client.