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From a Service Desk specialist to a leader - Adam's story

"Without a culture of sharing knowledge, leading wouldn’t be possible. A large part of the skills I gained was passed on to me by people who had experience in this field. To this day, they are still happy to help me"
ANIXE 4 Gulf Air: Reshopping Automation and technology for the post COVID "new norm"

Reshopping Automation & Technology for The Post COVID "New Norm"

As early as the beginning of March, ANIXE and PROS began conceptual work on the scope of improvements Gulf Air would receive, despite the state of emergency...
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Long-time cooperation - Piotr's story

I spent this time expanding my experience in .NET, C #, and frontend technologies, all under the watchful eye of our Team Leaders. Their mentoring allowed me to develop a lot of my skills Resfinty IBE – powered by Resfinity Engine

Meinpep and ANIXE, announced the beginning of a long-term partnership. This time is a crucial example of how companies can effectively take advantage of the industry’s downturn to...

How A Non-IT Person Can Start Their Career In IT?

I started work as technical support for the project WHEELS. In this way, I learned how the IT environment works and built-up contact with the client.
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Rusty Days

It was supposed to be the first event of this type with RUST in Central Europe. However, the COVID-19 related issues forced us to change form and we switched to online events.
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Rust vs jury-rigged student experiments

If you already know other programming languages you might be tempted to just jump into it and learn while building some new project. Don't do it. Really. Rust is quite a bit different to other languages you might be used to

Programmer by heart - Patryk Wychowaniec

Learning Rust was such a mind-blowing experience for me - it permanently shifted the way I approach thinking about data and the way it flows through the application.

Daily life at ANIXE – from a Software Engineer’s perspective

"In the end, it all comes down to the people and the professional or personal bonds that we develop, which make us want to go to work,"

ANIXE means "No boredom!" - Frontend Team Leader point of view

Self-improvement in the programming environment is essentially used because technologies, devices and the approach of people continually and dynamically change...